Take the step, ready, aim, let go!

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Stepping out can be scary, especially when it is just you, but I quickly learned that many of the things I wanted in this life would not happen if I did not help to make it happen.

No body knows your needs better than yourself.

If you sit back waiting for a mentor in life, someone to teach you how to do a thing like play guitar or write a book, run your own business, surf, become a martial artist or even learn to cook or dance, or how about be a better friend or communicate better with your spouse, or even just learn to play well with others, then you just gave your life over to the whim of another, one who is no doubt just as likely waiting on someone else to do that thing too. Unless you have really amazing people around you who can mind read, you may be waiting your whole life for that to happen.

Fortunately, there is a better way, one that does not involve chance or mind games.

When you partner with the Holy Spirit, He assures you that you will complete your task. That thing you desire in your heart, He will give to you. So long as you are willing to pursue it, just you and Him.

I encourage you dear friend, do that thing now, today, while the daylight is upon you and the world is watching you. Take that first step, and then the next one. Make a trail for others to follow in. Have no fear of what lies ahead of you for the Lord is with you! You will be glad you did.


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