Month: April 2017

IT’S RUNNING SEASON (a prophetic word)

On one of my prayer walks during the Easter Holy Week, I received a word from the Lord that I’ve been waiting to release in His timing and the Lord says the timing is NOW.  In the vision, I heard the Lord saying, “It’s time for the old structures to come down and the new

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The Sound of Heaven: Lost in Translation

There is so much debate among Christians, and even non-Christians, over the meaning of words. In fact, whole sects of division have come from disagreement over translating the word. For a secular example of this, one just has to look at our judicial system. Clearly mankind has concern over the interpretation of words. Sadly, what

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Sehnsucht und die Blaue Blume – The Awakening: Desire and Longing 

I’m convinced it is those who claim an adverse disdain to reading who are most in danger of continually rejecting the call to an ever deeper interior life. Nonetheless, it is not without evidence that there are those among us who, in their innocence, have affected miracles with complete illiteracy that intelligence cannot comprehend. While

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