Month: June 2017

Guest Blog: God Is Handing Out Swords and Mantles to His Wonder Women

[This post was re-published with permission by Larry Sparks] While watching Wonder Woman with my family, I sensed the Holy Spirit present a series of prophetic thoughts directed at what He is doing in women in this generation. The Lord is handing out swords to women in this hour!  A sword represents authority. A sword qualifies you

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Movie Evangelism? How God is using Cars, Transformers, and Wonder Woman to bring people to Encounter

If you haven’t seen a movie lately, you may be in danger of missing out on a truly important part of your faith walk.  At least that is what some evangelists like Christopher West and Pope Benedict XVI have been asserting. Anyone who is familiar with Christopher West’s courses, lectures, books and blog posts knows

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What does it mean when a Proverbs 31 Woman feels led to divorce?

Even “The Best Yes” can’t assure us that our life will live out perfect. Best-Selling Author and founder of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa TerKeurst, announced Tuesday on her blog that she is seeking a divorce from her husband citing abuse of substances, infidelity, and refusal to be truthful to her and their family. Lysa’s transparency

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Sacred Beauty, Truth and Love: Wonder Woman a call to Chastity?

The overwhelming reception of the female-helmed and directed Wonder Woman movie has audiences entertained by the clash of Amazon warriors, with their call to virtue and sacred duty, and the prolific annihilation tactics of the evil Nazi empire on the big screen, but is there more behind this cinematic wonder than meets the eye? Aside

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Signs & Wonders: Could Wonder Woman be a Prophetic Sign Post for our Time?

(Warning: Spoiler Alert) The Warner Bros. and DC Comics film “Wonder Woman” released this past weekend is stirring up quite a frenzy, and not just at the box office. Smashing records with more than $223 million this female-helmed comic book movie now holds the record for biggest opening out of any movie directed by a

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