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Joseph the “Just” Man

“Her husband Joseph, was a just man…” Matthew 1:19. What is a “just” man? “In all that he does, he prospers.” Psalm 1:3 To understand Joseph as “just” Pope Benedict XVI states we must understand his “whole life was lived according to Sacred Scripture.” Psalm 1 then is the picture of the “just” man, the

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Join Us for Advent Meditations with Saints

Imagine for a moment what it would be like for a woman of Mary’s purity to invite you into her heart, only to expect that same depths of purity from you in return. Joseph would’ve needed heroic courage to stay committed to virtue to love Mary on her terms. Imagine for a moment what it

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Movie Evangelism? How God is using Cars, Transformers, and Wonder Woman to bring people to Encounter

If you haven’t seen a movie lately, you may be in danger of missing out on a truly important part of your faith walk.  At least that is what some evangelists like Christopher West and Pope Benedict XVI have been asserting. Anyone who is familiar with Christopher West’s courses, lectures, books and blog posts knows

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Sehnsucht und die Blaue Blume – The Awakening: Desire and Longing 

I’m convinced it is those who claim an adverse disdain to reading who are most in danger of continually rejecting the call to an ever deeper interior life. Nonetheless, it is not without evidence that there are those among us who, in their innocence, have affected miracles with complete illiteracy that intelligence cannot comprehend. While

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