Love, Mom – A Note from Francine Ivey ❤️

These moments come without warning…I share these moments for two reason…so those who are mourning will know that these moments happen and it is okay…and for the friends of those who are mourning to know why we sometimes seems sad for what appears like no good reason.

These moments are hard to explain and sometimes it just exhausts us to share yet another one. Sometimes we wonder if you will stay away because we seem so sad and although we sometimes need space mostly we need not be alone too long either.

Today, I was excitedly packing presents!! Christmas music playing…Christmas decorations everywhere…and it happened…right in the middle of signing the tags to my sweet babies. “LOVE….???” I would always sign them Mom and Dad! What do I do now?!?

Last year I defiantly signed them the way I always had…”Love Mom and Dad”. I sat there quietly … do I do it again or do I not. There is no right answer. We all grieve so differently. I actually think it might even change each year depending on my mood and what I am feeling at the time but for now I signed Mommy, which is my most favorite TITLE! Keep those prayers coming. God is so faithful to comfort us even when the pain side swipes us and your prayers make such a BIG difference.

❤️ Francine

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Let us know your thoughts? Were we right on or do we need more coffee?