His daughter was Sheerah, who built both Lower and Upper Beth-horon,
and Uzzen-sheerah

1 Chronicles 7:24

SHE-keeps remembrance

The Jesse Tree Journals
Lectio Divina from the Jesse TreeGOD'S PROMISE TO NOAH – Day 3 …
The Jesse Tree Journals
Lectio Divina from the Jesse TreeNOAH’S ARK – Day 2 👫Genesis 7:4-24 …
The Jesse Tree Journals
Lectio Divina from The Jesse TreeADAM & EVE – Day 1 🍎Genesis …
Red apples hanging on tree


Red apples hanging on tree


Red apples hanging on tree


In the history of salvation, it was a woman who welcomed God’s Word. Women too kept alive the flame of faith in the dark night, awaiting and then proclaiming the Resurrection… They are the protagonists of a Church that goes forth… I encourage you, then to be bearers of a message of peace and renewal. To be a presence that, with humility and courage, is able to understand and welcome newness and inspire the hope of a more fraternal world.

– Pope Franciscus, 1 October 2020, on the liturgical memorial of Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus

Encounter School of Ministry

Drawing from the richness of our Catholic heritage, we seek to teach, equip, activate disciples to demonstrate the love of God through the power of the Holy Spirit in their spheres of influence. Through our onsite and online campuses, we train disciples to embrace their identity in Jesus and live out of the inheritance he won for them, so that their mission, ministry, and God-given dreams will flourish in every season of life. Sheerah Ministries is honored to partner with Encounter Ministries to bring this wonderful school of ministry to Palm Beach, Florida. For our followers who are not in the area, we invite you to check out the link to our Satellite Campus and find an Encounter School near you!

“The world is ripe for Encounter.” – John 4:27-42


Meet our Contributors

If you can build your dream all on your own, then you’re not dreaming big enough. Kingdom dreaming requires others to catch your vision. Each person contributes their gifts accordingly as the Spirit gives them. Cities are built by people that never lose site of their vision. Find people who want to dream with you, then go and build it!


A New Pentecost | Visions and Prophecies for Our Times

Join us on Facebook Groups. This group exists to promulgate prayer and discussion over the various prophetic messages and visions of our day. This includes the private and public revelations of the entire Church body. “Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches” Rev. 2:29. Members agree to receive these messages and promote dialogue in the fullness of charity with the goal of uniting our hearts in the fullness of Christ’s truth and the unity of the body as we await His triumphant return. “The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” Rev. 19:10.

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Sheerah Ministries | Waking Eve is an outstanding company and they are very efficient with me placing my order and receiving the items! The products are very nicely put together and everyone I’ve given them to are very pleased with them! Thanks for sharing Waking Eve with us! God bless you all!

~ Colleen B.