Encounter School of Ministry | Palm Beach Campus

Equipping disciples to demonstrate the power and love of God in their spheres of influence. Sheerah Ministries is honored to partner with Encounter Ministries to bring this wonderful school of ministry to Palm Beach, Florida. For our followers who are not in the area, we invite you to check out Encounter also. They have several schools across the United States, France, Canada, Ireland and abroad, as well as, an online option.

The Encounter School of Ministry is open to Christians of all backgrounds—disciples who believe God calls them to demonstrate His supernatural love in their daily lives. Our curriculum and content is rooted in Catholic Tradition and faithful to Catholic teaching.


Drawing from the richness of our Catholic heritage, we seek to teach, equip, activate disciples to demonstrate the love of God through the power of the Holy Spirit in their spheres of influence. Through our onsite and online campuses, we train disciples to embrace their identity in Jesus and live out of the inheritance he won for them, so that their mission, ministry, and God-given dreams will flourish in every season of life.


We begin each class by responding to God’s goodness with worship and testimonies. In teaching and activating, we use a hands-on approach and assign out-of-class work designed to help you implement what you learn. Each session will show how to minister out of love and honor, hear the voice of God, and make supernatural kingdom impact in the lives of those around you!


Encounter School values class culture that is driven by freedom, risk-taking, empowerment, respect, healthy boundaries, humility, feedback, and docility. Our students are challenged to grow in their God-given identity through a high level of student interaction in activations, prayer, and worship. We see empowered lifestyles thrive as we celebrate the goodness of God in every step of student growth!

Why Should You Be A Student?

The Encounter School of Ministry is a dynamic training program designed to teach, equip, and activate you in the full supernatural lifestyle of Jesus so that you can walk with God in intimacy and demonstrate his love and power to the world around you! We believe that as you embrace your identity and live out of the inheritance Jesus won for you, your mission, ministry, and God-given dreams will flourish in every season of life.

How does the school work?

The Encounter School is a 2 year school of ministry with classes once a week on Monday evenings from 6pm – 9:00pm.  Apart from an atmosphere of faith and worship, the goal is to activate the gifts and tools necessary for ministry and to provide a safe environment to grow.  Each year is broken up into 4 quarters covering topics essential to supernatural ministry.

What is a typical class schedule?
When do Classes Begin?
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Home of Encounter School of Ministries | Palm Beach Campus at the Cathedral of St. Ignatius of Loyola.



Patrick Reis MA

Patrick Reis

Main School Director

Patrick is the School Director and responsible for curriculum development and working with the school leadership and teachers to put the curriculum into effect and administer the needs of the school.

Fr. Mathias Thelen

Fr. Mathias Thelen


Father Mathias Thelen is the President of Encounter Ministries and helps oversee the content of the Encounter School to ensure both the best teaching rooted in authentic Catholic doctrine.

Dr. Mary Healy

Dr. Mary Healy

Theological Curriculum Adviser

A close friend of Encounter Ministries, Dr. Mary Healy is a full professor of theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit and member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission. Dr. Healy provides counsel to school leadership on the development of curriculum teaching.

Kim Engel

School Director, Palm Beach Campus.

Kim is a wife and homeschooling mother of four with a passion for helping the lost and disenchanted encounter the love and power of the Holy Spirit within the context of our Judeo-Christian heritage. She has a heart for the revelatory and prophetic gifts of the Spirit and brings her many years of ministry teaching and wisdom to help empower Catholics to live transformational lives rooted in Christ’s love and mercy. “My experience with Encounter has taught me the Holy Spirit is indeed alive and at work powerfully in the Catholic Church today. I look forward to seeing how the Encounter School of Ministry will transform individual lives and Catholic culture and help bring together communities in such a dynamic way that when Christ does return He will find a Church ignited and kindled with the fire of His love!”

My speech and my message were not with persuasive words of wisdom, but with a demonstration of the Spirit and power, that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.

1 Corinthians 2:4-5