Al Gore, Amazon, Asteroids, and the Apocalypse

Updated: February 2020, Amazon’s Founder Jeff Bezos will step down as CEO later this year in order to “have more time to focus on the Bezos Earth Fund, his Blue Origin spaceship company, The Washington Post and the Amazon Day 1 Fund.” While the timing may seem to have caught many by surprise, for those looking to the “signs in the heavens” it’s right on schedule. The DART asteroid deflection mission is scheduled to launch the third quarter of this year. And that $10 Billion Earth Fund? Click the link to see who’s getting the money and why. As one of the world’s richest men (flip-flopping occasionally with Tesla’s Elon Musk, followed by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, none of whom have been as generous as Bezos in funding COVID vaccine initiatives), could Bezos’ be positioning himself as the next savior of the world? (Maybe I need to update the title of this article: Al Gore, Amazon, Asteroids, the Apocalypse, and the AntiChrist?)

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The night I found out the man I voted for president had lost, I was devastated. Like literally, on the floor, bawling my eyes out, convulsing and bent over. To say, I took the news hard, was an understatement. How could sooo many people think differently than I had?

Remember when the media predicted the winner of the 2000 Presidential Race until it was contested by Bush and swung the other way?

It was the year 2000, and I was just a sophomore in college but it was the first time I could vote in a presidential election and it hadn’t gone anything like I had expected. I’d attended the many rally’s on the University of Florida campus. They’d offered free food and t-shirts for coming and my friends and I always loved getting things for free. They told us we were the next generation of leaders and our country’s future looked bright. I remember thinking after everything was said and done, Now what? Our guy had lost. What kind of future would we have now?

I laugh now at the musings of my twenty-year old self. I smile affectionately at her foolishness, her gullible thinking, her complete ignorance for the workings of this world. I was born into the Catholic faith but I hadn’t gone to the local Catholic Church on campus accept for the times my mother was visiting. It was cute and very lively but even with my years of Catholic Catechism as a youth and having completed all the sacraments required, I still didn’t know the Spirit that guided Her into holiness. Pursuing holiness was the last thing on my college mind.

But the winds of change were blowing, and the wind of the spirit was beginning to blow me into maturity. In 2001, the instantaneous blowing up of the Twin Towers in New York City reminded me that life was short. My time at college was going to end. I needed to grow up and embrace this brave new world. And the times, they were changing too. The word blow was becoming redundant not only in the world around me but in my spiritual life too. My whole life was about to blow up.

I often described to others, during those days, that it felt like running full speed at the edge of a cliff. You didn’t quite know for sure if you were about to meet a free-falling plummet to your death or if you were going to miraculously learn you could fly. The days of college were ending and I was about to venture out into an area of life no one could tell me for certain was going to look anything like I had imagined. The election, 9/11, and even the name “Chad” were proof that life was going to be full of disappointments I could not control, much less even anticipate. It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized these disappointments were actually what life was all about. That is to say, learning how to navigate them is what they call the journey. Learning how to do it without losing yourself is what they call passing the test.

In particular, Bezos worries that technological progress depends on an ever-growing supply of energy. Within a couple of centuries, he said, we’ll have outstripped any reasonable source of energy on Earth.

Jeff Bezos foresees a trillion people living in millions of space colonies. Here’s what he’s doing to get the ball rolling. NBC, May 15, 2019

Fast forward, three kids later, 13 years of marriage, and a pile of disappointments, I’d like to say I’ve learned to handle them all quite well. But that would be a lie, at least partially. I still have days where I meet uncertainty with baited breath (spelled that way for a reason, keep reading). Like, did you know? We are living in an era where the word ‘deep’ has taken on several new meanings beyond the one used to describe my younger years of going off the ‘deep end’. For example, there is ‘deep state’ to describe this massive plot to take over the world by the Global Elite, and it makes Deep-ak Chopra’s mind tricks look like my 9-year old’s magic show. And then, there is ‘deep space’ to describe the Asteroid Impact and Deflection project (AIDA), which plans to launch a pair of space probes in July 2021 to study and demonstrate the kinetic effects of crashing a spacecraft into an asteroid sometime in October 2022 with the help of NASA and the Applied Physics Department at John Hopkins University (totally not joking). The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) will launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, in late summer 2021 (thank you Elon Musk and Donald Trump’s Space Force). Now I understand why Amazon’s Jeff Bezos’ is celebrating this pandemic (and cleaning me out of any ‘deep pockets’ I once had), because Amazon is the funding source for his first love Blue Origin, a rival company to Musk’s SpaceX in the race for Asteroid Mining (also a real thing, now I suddenly have an urge to re-watch the movie ‘Deep Impact’). I don’t want to be accused of thinking too deeply on this, but is it possible Donald Trump’s presidential run was less about pandering to Evangelical calls for a ‘Cyrus’ and more about posturing himself and his business partners as tycoons in the next trillion-dollar industry, like JP Morgan and the Rockefellers positioned themselves as tycoons in the Industrial Revolution? Wonder if Bezos, the Obamas, Clintons and Bushs are a little mad at Trump for picking the other guy to run Space Force? Was America just ‘Punked’? Are all these guys part of the Global Elite? Is that why Bezos’ wife of 25 years filed for divorce just a few months before this whole Great Reset went down and vowed to give away her billions to charity, because she realized she was married to a ‘Mega Mind’? Did Bezos buy the Washington Post to spin his own narratives against Trump for trying to raise postal rates on Amazon shipping because of a Space Race War? Was 2020 just another episode of the ‘Apprentice’ where Bezos and his investors didn’t like getting fired? (Asking all these questions for a friend with co-deep-endency issues). But seriously, is anyone asking, how do we know that mining asteroids, much less testing colliding with one, won’t negatively impact us by causing its trajectory to change or have it break apart and fall to earth? And, if there were an issue, how confident are we they would warn us in advance that something BIG was coming down? DART is just the first flight mission to be built for NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office and the United States is not the only runner in this planetary race into the deep. Japan already launched its asteroid project six years ago and collected its first mined samples this year. With a global race underway, who is in charge of making sure no one drops the ball? (Pun intended.) If that’s not enough to make this mamma have a ‘deep desire’ to start drinking dirty martinis again then you’ll be pleased to know I found out (at the Fish Fry I mention below) about a fun little side of Catholicism for the ‘deeply devoted’ called ‘mysticism of the saints’, wherein, Jesus, Mary and Joseph (and even St. Michael the Archangel) have been appearing to seers all over the world warning them about the massive asteroid cloud preceding a celestial body that is accelerating toward the earth as we speak (now ‘deeply disturbed’). Could this be what the Average Joe meant by a “Dark Winter”? How much does he know, what aren’t they telling the public or is there more to the narrative behind solar storm warnings, massive blizzard blackouts and the need for a Global Reset than we realize? Turns out some other self-professed prophets and other non-religious types, including Stephen Hawking, call it the ‘Asteroid Apocalypse‘. Catholic seers affectionately refer to the beginning of said Apocalypse as ‘The Warning‘ or ‘Illumination of Conscience‘ that will affect all mankind, during 3 Days of Darkness* (from an asteroid mining accident perhaps?), during which all men will find themselves overcome with either fear, to the point of death, or peace, which comes from heeding the Lord’s warnings through the many appearances of his Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and his invitation to Divine Mercy. Which necessitates the need for one to have ‘deep faith’ for the latter to be true and that Jesus knows what he is doing.

I see them advance and the United States, in pain and suffering, appears immediately. Our Mother indicates to me to look to the sky and I… when I look, I see a bright light that comes towards Earth. I think it is a meteorite of great size; it is intercepted, but the biggest part goes towards the sea, towards the United States.

Luz de Maria

When pressed to my max-out point, with news like this, I squeeze profanity out like a woman who has had three children leaks ‘tears’ down her leg when she laughs. Life is still scary and I’m still not holy. But at least, I’m pursuing it now, deeply. What other choice is there for those who believe?

Beloved children, an asteroid is coming close to the Earth. Be aware of this. Maybe you’ll ask Me “What can we do? And I answer: WHEN THE HEART IS IN GOOD DISPOSITION AND THE MIND IS PREPAPRED TO KNOW THE DEPTHS OF MY SON’S LOVE AND OF MY MATERNITY, MAN IS PREPARED TO FACE ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

April 2015

The events of the last two decades, especially this last year of 2020, have taught me many things but the truth I’ve come to value most is the same Truth I realize now I could’ve picked up in college if, instead of attending all those rallies for free things, I would have gone to the Friday Fish Fry at that quaint and lively campus church where everyone my age seemed to have a different kind of reaction to that guy named ‘Chad’. Thankfully, I discovered those Friday Fish Fry nights were still around many many years later, and I was able to finally go. Peace, dear friends, is truly a wonderful gift. And, I even lamented a little, because it had been being given away free then, as it continues to be given away now, too.

Presently, I have a few cousins I realize are going through these same exact things I did all those years ago. This election 2020 has some very eerily familiar uncontrollable surprises and it’s interesting to see things now from a different perspective. I’ve watched my cousins be filled with the same doses of hope I had been dosed with at those college rallies. I’ve watched them be labeled millennials and given safe rooms to cry in that I was never given, like somehow they’re not stronger than the rest of us, even though those rally guys keep saying they are the best next generation. I’ve heard countless words of slander against them; seen ‘adults’ jeer at them for their ignorance. I’ve even been jealous for them at how much the world has changed since I was once their age. But then that new-found wisdom would always flood in on me like the fish pulled out from the deep that threatened to capsize the apostles’ boats. Instead of letting them bear the burden of all our country’s hopes and disappointments, I told them the truth. You ought to head on over to that fish fry.

The irony of all this, is here I am again, sitting on the losing side. Watching my guy lose the presidency, or so the media tells me. Only this time, I’m not doubled-over, nor am I bawling on the floor. In fact, I’m not despairing at all. The truth is, life’s sudden and instantaneous moments still scare me, but I’m not the person I was in my youth. And you won’t be either, dear cousins. I’m much more wiser now, having found something that never changes. His name is ‘Chad’ (kidding). He is the only person I’ve ever met that tells the truth about who he is. He knows all the times and season to come, and right now, he’s holding my world in his hands. Even when I get things wrong, especially when I don’t see things coming, he’s right there next to me, like I know he was next to me that night I was doubled over and couldn’t see him and when the towers fell, and when the media was wrong, and I know he’s standing next to you now. So, even if, tomorrow the sky is falling, your guy is losing, or someone decides to tell you ‘Apocalypse’ is just another word that means ‘revelation’ and not an actual event, I hope you will look up and call to him much more quickly than I did when I lost all sense of truth. His name is Jesus, and he likes to eat fish. You can find him at a Fish Fry.

Who knows, friend, maybe I am destined to live my life on the losing side of presidential elections, asteroids and the apocalypse, (read Why I Hope I’m Left Behind) but I like to think when it comes to living life, at least, maybe I’m still passing the test, and not about to drown in the deep end.

Pray, My children, pray; an asteroid is divided by man, but a large portion falls into the sea, being the cause of terror and fear for Humanity, while some other fragments penetrate the earth.

Pray, children, pray; the war that has already started will intensify its activity when political decisions in the United States draw near. This Nation will be threatened by a meteorite that will approach; politics will become static.

Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria, March 2016

*further reading on the 3 Days of Darkness “The Three Days of Darkness and Prophecies of Latter Times”

See also “Three Days of Darkness 2020: Nonsense or True Prophecy?”

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