Here it goes…

Much of my interaction with others are “Here it goes…” moments. I’ve learned that connectivity requires putting yourself out there, ready or not. As I acknowledge there is a person of value on the other side of engagement, my fears and insecurities fade away.

You see I haven’t alway been so bold. Before the age of 17 I had no clue who I was or where I was going. I was scared of being noticed but even more scared of being left behind. My thoughts and fears were consumed by my need to belong. I didn’t seem to have a place in my home, in my surroundings, or even in my life. This constant sensation of being lost plagued me of life and robbed every opportunity to connect. I was fully consumed with self.

You become blind when you can’t see past yourself. You become deaf when you can only hear your fears. I was deaf AND blind. In need of deep emotional healing, I limped aimlessly.

He saw me first. Reaching out through the hands and heart of a Mother, He stood me still and whispered His love. His word danced on my heart until my mind could catch tune. Suddenly my eyes were opened and my ears released. Captivity made captive and I was set free.

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give. (Matthew 10:8)

He never hesitated. He saw ME, knew my value, and ran to my side. His rash and sudden response has become the platform in which I stand.

And here I stand. No longer allowing self to be my compass, for I am free to love. Free to see faces. Free to hear hearts. I am free to step out vulnerably because on the other side of me…is you.

Here it goes…

<3 Jess


We’re Super Excited to welcome Jessica Wittmayer to the Sheerah Ministries Team! Her refreshing approach to life is sure to keep you encouraged and your heart full. She has a way about her that just makes you want to stop what you’re doing, have a cup of coffee and listen intently to the smile in her heart. We’re looking forward to hearing more from her again soon! Help us Welcome Her, Leave a Comment and Be sure to “Like” and Share this post with your friends. Subscribe to receive our Blogs as they post OR Sign Up for our Newsletter to receive a Weekly Digest. We’re Waking Sleeping Beauty and Reclaiming Eden. Let’s Journey Together!

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