Today’s Ponder Minute: Was Moses Really Wise?

Have you ever stopped to consider why Wisdom is so often insisted upon by the Apostles and the writers of the Psalms and the Proverbs, and many other Scriptures, as being a necessary gift to patiently endure the journey of faith? Here’s a short list of scriptures you can reference if you’ve yet to discover them Among them is one of my favorites,How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver!” Proverbs 16:16.

In my pursuit of asking the Lord for this kindly spirit to guide me (he’ll give her to guide you too if you ask, see James 1:5), I’ve been surprised at how often I’ve been lead to find its whereabouts in the wisdom of the saints, private revelations of holy men and women, in the Scriptures themselves, and among certain church doctrines, disciplines, dogmas, and traditions, and other spiritual readings not limited to the Christian faith. Indeed, I began noticing that Wisdom abounds in many places not just the Scriptures themselves, and it has lived throughout every age without ever changing. Though it’s gifts are often veiled to the world at large, it is known to reveal itself quite generously to those who seek it with a pure heart. Which leads me to the point of today’s pondering…

If Wisdom never changes and is older than the sun, shouldn’t we be able to recognize it at work in our history and more importantly in the greater work of the body of the church?

Putting it simply, I would expect to see the wisdom found in reading the Jewish Torah (the first five Books of Moses) to reflect almost identically the wisdom revealed to Christians when reading the first five books of the Old Testament. The sages from either faith ought to be seeing the same thing and if they are not then man on one side or both are lacking. In other words, either Moses was filled with Wisdom and it is us who are lacking in understanding or Moses was not Wise.

I have found such a rich treasure trove of Wisdom in reading the revelations and understanding of the Jewish Rabbis as it concerns their understanding of the Torah, and other sacred scriptures that are shared by the Christian faith in the Old Testament, and I wanted to share one with you now below.

Sometimes our faith can grow exponentially when we allow ourselves to see that the truths of our our beliefs are found also in the eyes of others, even those of whom we don’t yet have understanding, much less acceptance. Jesus encountered this with the Canaanite woman in Matthew 15, and because of the presence of Wisdom in her, he was moved to extend salvation to the Gentiles. Wisdom does not discriminate and is speaking to everyone who seeks it. How beautiful it is to see our Father’s love expressed in the understanding of another soul that truly Sees Him, even if we have yet to see each other eye-to-eye.

Now the real question to ponder is this, if we can see the heart of our Father in the light of another’s understanding by the deposit of Wisdom, which is given to us by the Holy Spirit, can we say it is the same for them? Do you believe the Jewish people can look at Christians today and see the heart of the Father that Wisdom revealed to them through Moses at Mt. Sinai reflected in our understanding of God today? We are told by the Apostle Paul that Jews and Gentiles alike, are considered all brothers and sisters. As a mother of two siblings, I can wonder at how much differently my oldest might know me than my younger one, but am I not the same? Put aside our differences in understanding the revealed Messiah for now and consider this, did Moses know the Lord or was he without Wisdom? And if as siblings, we cannot reveal our Father to each other, and how much more we as Christians ought to be able now that Messiah lives in us, what hope have we to reveal our Father to a world that’s yet to know Him. Our mission is to disciple nations in the hope that one day Israel will return home like the prodigal son and all creation may enter into that fullness of time where Jesus comes home to reign forever and forever! Will they find Our Father in us when they are ready to come home? Ponder That.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8


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Translated and Adapted by Moshe Wisnefsky
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Wednesday: G-d Spares Nothing
Cheshvan 19, 5778 · November 8, 2017
Fourth Reading: Genesis 24:27–52

The girl who gave water to Eliezer and his caravan was indeed Rebecca, Abraham’s grandniece. After having betrothed Rebecca to Isaac, Eliezer met Rebecca’s family and told them the details of his mission.

G-d Spares Nothing

וַתֵּלֶד שָׂרָה אֵשֶׁת אֲדֹנִי בֵן לַאדֹנִי אַחֲרֵי זִקְנָתָהּ וַיִּתֶּן לוֹ אֶת כָּל אֲשֶׁר לוֹ: (בראשית כד:לו)

[Eliezer said to Rebecca’s family,] “My master’s wife Sarah bore my master a son after she had grown old, and he gave [his son, Isaac,] all that he owned.” Genesis 24:36

Abraham was willing to give up his entire fortune in order to ensure that Isaac marry Rebecca. So, too, G‑d is willing to give up “all His bounty” to help each and every one of us fulfill our mission of bringing about the “marriage” of the physical and the spiritual dimensions of reality by transforming the world into G‑d’s home through our good deeds.


May we each be given the measure of Wisdom necessary to fulfill all that the Lord has asked of us to bring Heaven into Earth. And may our love for all His treasures grow exponentially as He reveals them to us!

By Kim Engel
Founder of Sheerah Ministries

Kim is mother of two children, Author, Speaker and lover of the Word. She has a heart for encouraging women to Awaken to their God-given gifts and callings and to see the Body of Christ come together in unity as it continues the mission of Jesus Christ to bring love to the world in the hope of salvation and by the power of the Holy Spirit. She is founder of Sheerah Ministries, a collaboration of women intent on sharing the good news and inspiration of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit through teachings, retreats, speaking engagements, writing, media and the arts. Follow Kim on her Facebook page and on Instagram and Twitter @WakingEve or contact by email at SUBSCRIBE to our blog to keep updated on Sheerah Ministries blogs by contributing partners, news and events.


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