Almost 40 and feeling FINE!!

I remember my mom turning forty and how beautiful she was. I’m thankful for a mother who never fussed about image. She was never vain or obsessed with the way she looked, and she always looked beautiful.

Here I am now approaching 40 and I feel FINE!

Aging for me has been full of experiences, lessons, wisdom, loss, strengthening, and love.

I am an extreme optimist, there is no doubt of that! When a cup is refillable, then it doesn’t matter whether is it half empty or half full.

I see getting older as a privilege, that not all have been given, and a responsibility to get better with time. I know I don’t have an audience of millions, but every moment I want to choose to shine.

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. All fruits of the spirit that are grown into. I pray that the people who know me can eat of these fruits on the regular. Feeling happy and full!

I always want my words to bring encouragement, reminding others of their great great purpose because it is beautiful.

I see growth as an opportunity to ripen to the perfect sweetness and blessing to others. If a fruit is eaten too soon, it is hard and bitter. I have had my seasons of hardness and bitterness. Anger and resentment were my allies and accompanied me through life. But anyone who knows them would agree they aren’t faithful friends. They bring with them hurt and a trail of broken relationships.

I’m not sure, other than the day of my salvation, I cannot recall a specific “aha” moment, but time and Holy Spirit have been kind to use circumstances to sand down my callousness and smooth my heart time after time. I’m grateful.

And that’s where I think my fruit has ripened the most, through gratefulness. Seeing life through eyes of gratitude rather than glaring back at life with attitude. There are times to rise with fists, but never at a person. The fight is against the lies that crash against every person trying to convince them that they are not loved. The darkness behind those lies, fight that!

Forty is approaching and I dare not fear! I am embracing forty as a dear relative, ready to take me to new places with new stories. I’m excited, thrilled really, to continue to GROW and mature into the woman God has destined.

I welcome you, Forty, with open arms and an open heart!

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