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Don’t be afraid of the tears

This pic may not look like much but it actually says a whole lot. It says we are healing but it also shouts our loss. It makes us smile but also makes us sad. Grief is still messy even after 2 years have passed. You see these steaks were seared and then cooked in the

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If you’re seeking hope, read the pope’s moving Easter Vigil homily

“Jesus is a specialist at turning our deaths into life, our mourning into dancing” 1.       The women bring spices to the tomb, but they fear that their journey is in vain, since a large stone bars the entrance to the sepulcher. The journey of those women is also our own journey; it resembles the journey

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What are you Fasting from?

In 1 Corinthians 10 , Paul reminds the Corinthians that even though their ancestors, the Israelites, experienced the miraculous on a daily basis, it didn’t mean God was pleased with them. They witnessed the supernatural when He parted the Red Sea for them so they could escape captivity and enslavement. He guided them with a

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