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Almost 40 and feeling FINE!!

I remember my mom turning forty and how beautiful she was. I’m thankful for a mother who never fussed about image. She was never vain or obsessed with the way she looked, and she always looked beautiful. Here I am now approaching 40 and I feel FINE! Aging for me has been full of experiences,

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Love, Mom – A Note from Francine Ivey ❤️

These moments come without warning…I share these moments for two reason…so those who are mourning will know that these moments happen and it is okay…and for the friends of those who are mourning to know why we sometimes seems sad for what appears like no good reason. These moments are hard to explain and sometimes

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PROPHETIC WORD: Bridges and Chasms – No More Delay

I believe there are many paths to awakening but only one way home. A word from the Lord, The soul that has become a bridge is my own. It belongs to me. Souls which ultimately do not know me are not bridges but a chasm, which leads others to death. Careful, Dear Ones, not to

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