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Prophetic Destiny

It’s our nature to rebel against our destiny. It’s God’s nature to overcome us. – See John 16:33 Reading again the stories of Sampson and John the Baptist, in the gospel reading today, reminds me at this time of year just how important PERSONAL PROPHECY can be to the welfare of nations. When man rebels

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PROPHETIC WORD: Bridges and Chasms – No More Delay

I believe there are many paths to awakening but only one way home. A word from the Lord, The soul that has become a bridge is my own. It belongs to me. Souls which ultimately do not know me are not bridges but a chasm, which leads others to death. Careful, Dear Ones, not to

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Continuing our Conversations with God…pondering “The Physics of Heaven” The world is full of consciousness, and the beauty therein belongs to those with eyes to see and ears to listen. How many ways can one life be lived? The Answer: an infinite multi-verse of ways, but it only matters the one you’re living now. There

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