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Joseph – A Man of Remembrance

As Mary and Joseph approach Bethlehem and the mountains which surround it, Joseph might have felt overwhelmed by all that lay before him. There is a certain part in our journey that is finite. “Once we go this way, we can never go back.” Advertisements


Joseph Knows He’s Been Given a Gift of a Good Wife

In marriage, a man’s wife changes him. He practices giving himself in love to her. He allows himself to be determined by her. He must attune himself to her, and she engages his heart and helps to develop his EROS into AGAPE love. Most men must learn this. There is greatness inside of every man,

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Joseph – A Model of Purity

Paralambanō. It’s the Greek word translated as “took” in the Gospels and it means “to enter into CLOSE relationship.” As in, “When Joseph woke from sleep, he did as the angel of the Lord commanded him; he TOOK his wife” (Matthew 1:24). The less emphatic version of this word is used by another man of

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Joseph the Worthy Son

Joseph was fully aware of Mary’s consecration to God, including her offering of her virginity, and he found a way to love her on her terms just as any “just” man would do. Many of us struggle with this part of the story for three reasons: First, it’s difficult for us to imagine that a

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