Category: Scripture Reflections

The 7 Prophetic Words of the Cross

The last Seven Words of Jesus of Nazareth that day on the cross were more than just words of convenience, they were prophetic words of Christ that would become encouragement to all who believe each day until the Last Day. The First: a Prophetic Word Of Forgiveness Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do

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Hypercriticism, a cry for healing. Why being an ass is the best cure.

Critical thinking skills used to be a basic building block of education. Students were taught to analyze facts in order to form a sound judgement. I recall my teachers would orchestrate hypothetical examples in order to exercise us in this skill. I thrived at critical thinking drills. It was probably what shaped my interest in

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Kerygma: The Power of Love

If all Christ did was take our punishment then we would owe him our gratitude not our hearts. Holiness is a response to being loved well. The Crucifixion of Christ was abundantly more than an offering of substitution for our sins. God was not pleased to punish anyone for crimes he did not commit. Nor

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