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JOIN ME! 40 Days of Violence Begins Now – Lent 2020

Ashes aren’t so much a sign of our holiness as they are a sign of our humility. The observance of Lent is about manifesting your belief in the power of Christ to transform us. Your faith must be shown through works or else it is not actually faith-it’s magic. Lent focuses on the works of

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Joseph – A Man of Order

Joseph knew WHO he was because he knew WHOSE he was. What we know about Joseph, namely his marriage to Mary and his raising Jesus, are both given to him by God. However, God’s first words to Joseph through the angel remind him of his identity. “Joseph, SON of David, do not fear…” (Matthew 1:20)

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Joseph trusted God. How well do you REALLY Trust God?

There is a difference between trusting WHAT a person tells us and trusting the PERSON who does the telling. Joseph trusted God, and that was enough for him to follow His plans. When Joseph awoke from his dream, he did not hesitate to do as the angel commanded (Matthew 1:24). Just as Mary did not

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Joseph – The Man Who Walked In Freedom

What is FREEDOM? True Freedom is living in God’s presence without fear of “what if God finds out?” Joseph wasn’t afraid to let God know he felt unworthy to be Mary’s husband. He felt unworthy because he was. But God, in a sense, said, “Do not be afraid – I am worthy, and I will

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