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Memento Mori, Trick or Treat, and other deathly phrases

This time of year always has me in a writing mood (whether I get time to or not is entirely another story). Nonetheless, there’s something about the Fall months that seems to usher in a desire for pondering. Perhaps you’ve felt it too? Living in Florida, we don’t see the seasons change that drastically but […]

JOIN ME! 40 Days of Violence Begins Now – Lent 2020

Ashes aren’t so much a sign of our holiness as they are a sign of our humility. The observance of Lent is about manifesting your belief in the power of Christ to transform us. Your faith must be shown through works or else it is not actually faith-it’s magic. Lent focuses on the works of […]

LET YOURSELF BE HEALED…A Post-Saint Valentine’s Day Note

In nearly 40 years of Valentine’s Days, many of which the good Lord in His grace has allowed me to forget (because they were so horrible), I finally had one that was so perfect it moved me to tears. And in those tears, I realized just how much this day is about True Love.