Don’t be afraid of the tears

This pic may not look like much but it actually says a whole lot. It says we are healing but it also shouts our loss. It makes us smile but also makes us sad. Grief is still messy even after 2 years have passed. You see these steaks were seared and then cooked in the oven. A new way of cooking steak for me. A way I had to learn because Wade is not here to grill them. I tried to grill before but it is not my gift. Wade was the best at grilling. Tonight for Mother’s Day, I surprised the kids with a candlelit dinner, a set table with stem ware crystal glasses and pink lemonade. Wade taught us that we don’t save the fine China for just our guests but we should pull it out for the family to enjoy. He taught us to take in every moment! He taught us to savor every moment … savor the moments together as a family. So we did that tonight.

Why do I write this? I write this in hopes of letting my followers get a glimpse at grief and the process of healing. It is such a messy journey but it is necessary. Healing comes with remembrance. If you are a friend of someone grieving please don’t avoid talking about the one they lost. Don’t be afraid of their tears. It’s okay, it’s normal and it is needed. So no matter how normal or insignificant the moment might seem there might just be a huge significance in that moment. Be willing to sit in the moment with your friend or to step back and let them process. Tonight the kids enjoyed a candlelit dinner just like their daddy had taught us and it felt good. It felt right and even with our tears we found healing in the moment.

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Let us know your thoughts? Were we right on or do we need more coffee?