Finding Truth in Tragedy

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

Do we really believe this? Can “everything” work to our good? EVERYTHING?

Hi my name is Francine Ivey. I am a mother of 3 beautiful children who love Jesus with all their heart. I was married to to my very best friend, Dr. Wade Ivey for 27 years. I still giggle when I think about him holding my hand and melt when I see his blue eyes in a picture. He was a Senior Pastor and an incredible worship leader and he played so many instruments!!! He spoke with passion and loved people! We had a successful home-based business and a successful ministry that reached around the world!! Life was good. Then January 8, 2017 he ran to the store to pick up a few things…a truck was traveling to fast and there was no way for him to cross the road fast enough. He died instantly. One minute here on earth, the next he was walking the streets of gold. He told me it would be like that. He told me heaven was an awesome place but I cried!! How could this be happening? We prayed together as a family!! We served together as a family!! He was an amazing father and husband who loved us well. There was no way to understand. Only heart break. Every promise I had ever believed was now up for debate.

Satan was working overtime.

“How could God do this to you?” He whispered.

“What kind of loving God could let this happen?”

“You are alone now!”

“How would you pick up the pieces of your life now?”

Belief systems that our family stood on…promises that once had bold exclamation points at the end of them – now ended with question marks!

What now?

Is God really good?

Is God Able?

Does God really love us?

Does he really have a good plan?!?

This is so painful!!

I cried like the father who needed his son healed by Jesus in Mark 9:24, “LORD, I believe; help my unbelief!”

I had to “re-believe“.




His plans are good!

He works all things to my good.

He will never leave me or forsake me.

How do you re-believe?

You start by realizing truth is truth, no matter how you feel or what your circumstances are screaming at you!!

Start with the truth, say it, meditate on it, proclaim it and you feelings will follow.

Remember: Faith doesn’t follow feelings. FEELINGS FOLLOW FAITH!

This is a huge truth!! This one powerful truth can change your life! When you realize truth is a person. JESUS said, “I am THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE!”

HE is the TRUTH!

So all these promises I accept in faith even when I don’t feel like they are true and then as I believe and accept them as truth my feelings follow and my circumstances change.

So amidst my heartbreak, my loss and my pain, I could hear God’s voice…I could feel His comfort and I could hear Him tell me that not one tear would go in vain and not one sleepless night would be without purpose.

Out of this broken mess God would birth a ministry called Consumed by the Call. The first live video teaching would reach over 41,000 viewers all over the world. Lives have been changed, marriages salvaged, people set free and so much more.

Do I still miss my sweet husband? More than I can tell you but I know this! He is in Heaven and Heaven is Real and one day I will live there with him forever. So until then I serve a risen and powerful Savior who can turn all things for our good. He turns our mess into messages, our pain into purpose, and tests into testimonies

Give Him your painful places. You are not too messy for Him. He can heal you, set you free and give you purpose!

Love, Francine


2 thoughts on “Finding Truth in Tragedy

  1. Kitty Farmer

    You had to relive the pain to tell your story, but it is not in vain. Your story touches so many people

  2. Amy Spencer

    We love you, Wade and the kids! I miss you girl and need your strength in my life. I’m so scattered. You all are such an inspiration and blessing!! Words really can’t describe.


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