Continuing in the series “Physics of Heaven”, here are some divine thoughts on the fragmentation of souls:

A soul’s fragmentation is a mirror of the Father. Except, the Father wills His own fragmentation in the hope that our own soul might remain whole in Him. This, is how God is omnipresent. Because, He exists in every time, therefore, He exists simultaneously outside it also. But, you and I were not made as God. Except, that we would realize we are in Him, and therefore, have access to Him at all times, and in all spaces, and the resources in Him throughout infinity.

There are none like Him. But, the devil tries to mirror Him, believing if he can fragment our souls also then he can have access to the same infinite resources, by usurping what belongs to God by creating us to be fragmented gods ourselves.

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So long as we stay fragmented, the devil can wield his wisdom to apply it to our power and rule the multi-verse from within our fragmented parts.

But, God did not purpose us to be fragmented, but rather to exist in whole, as part of Him, in our time and space. Only when we are whole do we realize the Divine Source of our power rests in the Divine Love we are partaking. A fragmented soul cannot realize the fullness from which it came. It only sees in part, having only a piece of the image without understanding of the whole. Therefore, the devil’s pursuit is to our weakness and his pleasure. For only when we are whole, do we see how God alone is infinite and we draw our power from Him alone. Apart from Him, there is nothing else. Even the devil’s own life exists because the Father gives Him power.

If we are to thwart the measure of darkness in this world, our only hope is actualization.

Every creation has a purpose. Only when it is activated in the fullness of its purpose is the Creation valid. It is not fully itself until it is doing what it was created to do.

You and I were not created to be fragmented. We were created to be wholly Christ’s image. An image of the whole godhead, the Father as He is and was from the beginning in His origin – the Alpha – the Spark that contained all of life within it. This is God in His primal form. We do not exist to follow in His fragmentation, but to rejoin Him in that primal spark.

“You heard me say to you, ‘I am going away, and I will come to you.’ If you loved me, you would have rejoiced, because I am going to the Father, for the Father is greater than I.
 – John 14:28

When all of creation is returned to God the Father in Christ the Son’s Divine Love, then the primal Spark will be whole once more. Then the Alpha will manifest the Omega and He will create all things anew.

“And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” – Rev. 21:5

When we enter into this Divine Love and give of ourselves, wholly, completely, totally, we partake in the infinite spark of the Alpha & Omega moment. We become consumed in eternal flame. We become immortal.

We conjoin ourselves to that which will survive all things. We will not burn up in the fire of the Living God, as the fragmented soul will burn like ashes on a fire, but will remain in Him for all eternity. No longer consumable, like the wood of the cross, we will have been consumed as part of the flame.

Humility is the way.

Humility is the only weapon we can use effectively to ensure we our made whole.

We must live each day, each moment as if humility was the life force that sustained us. Doing nothing with conceit. Always thinking better of others than ourselves. Without any judgement. Wanting nothing for ourselves. Desiring only to manifest His divinity in our actions, in our words.

If we can do this just once, allowing the Divine Spark to light within us, our grace to do it again would abound still more.  It is only in the partaking that we receive. We must taste and see. We must eat to live. We must believe to do as He did. We must Ignite!

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