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Because I “GET” to!

On the day that Jesus died, when He took his last breath, the veil in the holy of holy‘s was split right in half! Can you imagine that moment? I am sure there was a whole range of emotions from fear to excitement to unbelief! What did the veil represent? What limitations did it represent?

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Divine Love

Sin is a manifestation of our lack of love for God. It’s not enough just to say we love Jesus, because we are incapable of perfect love. God demands to be loved by that which he is worthy of – Divine Love. We can only love Him back with this Divine Love when we accept

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PROPHETIC WORD: Bridges and Chasms – No More Delay

I believe there are many paths to awakening but only one way home. A word from the Lord, The soul that has become a bridge is my own. It belongs to me. Souls which ultimately do not know me are not bridges but a chasm, which leads others to death. Careful, Dear Ones, not to

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