God Encounters of a different kind

An authentic encounter with God changes you. It doesn’t give you a feel-good euphoria that lasts for an evening like a good rock concert. It quickens a hunger inside you that is never satisfied this side of eternity. God encounters lead you to a person not a feeling. The soul that is desperate for the person of Jesus will never be placated by fanfare and vain glory. It sees the truth because it’s met the Truth.

God’s not a drug dealer. He’s not interested in getting you high. He wants to see you washed clean and become sober…

I’ve seen God in many places but I’ve only ever truly encountered Him in the quiet ones. Somewhere between the stillness of my heart and soul within my being is where I always find Him waiting for me. He’s there waiting for you too. It doesn’t matter if you are at a loud place of worship with your hands in the air jumping like a drunkard in the afternoon, when you hear his whisper you can still step out of your cave of lights and wonder to find him. Like Elijah, wrap your mantle around your face and go find him. A REAL God Encounter awaits you there.

I’ve seen more people so eager to repeat the euphoria of a one-night event that they run right by the glory of God’s whisper. God’s not a drug dealer. He’s not interested in getting you high. He wants to see you washed clean and become sober with the reality that his Love is there for you each and every day at every moment, as often as you’ll turn to him and come out of your cave. Don’t wait for the music to start or the worship band to hit the chorus or even the preacher to start preaching. Sometimes the noise is just another distraction we give ourselves to help justify why we can’t hear him.

True worship begins in the heart and not with the band. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the object of our worship but God always knows.

You can jump into the river any time you like, in fact you can live in it continually. If you’re not living this reality daily then I’m praying for you to have a God Encounter today that will radically change the way you hear God. He has Grace for you to hear Him. Elijah didn’t just step into God’s glory outside the cave, he stepped into God’s current of Grace. When you learn how to receive Grace continually throughout your day you won’t need that adrenaline dump from a one-night service. You’ll be living in the current flow forever and truly Encountering God’s glory in every moment of your day. It’s all about God’s Grace and your ability to hear Him calling to come receive it. Learning to hear God’s voice for yourself is the only kind of God Encounter you will ever truly need. Don’t settle for the euphoric high when you could be living in the glory. Don’t let someone else feed you when God intended to feed you himself.

“If today you hear his voice harden not your hearts.”

❤️💛💙 Psalm 95; Hebrews 3:15

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6 thoughts on “God Encounters of a different kind

  1. Rachel Sherman

    AMEN and HALLELUJAH Kim!!! I love how you said that God isn’t looking to give us just another high. We have the ability to live in that high and dance in the river all day long. It’s called living in His presence and joy. Knowing that He IS. Faith is not a feeling but a knowing that Jesus is alive and that His mighty spirit that raised Him from the dead is alive in me!
    Whoo!!! Baptize me again Fire of God’s Love!
    I don’t know why this thing has me as Rachel Sherman but she’s cool so I’ll take it.

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