Homeschooling: WT# am I doing this for?

Some people make Homeschool life look glamorous, effortless and full of bliss. I’m not one of them. It’s messy. Some days there’s a lot of yelling, tears, and silent “WT# am I doing this for?” moments in my head. (And it’s just the first week of our school year!) We surround ourselves with all that remind us why we do this thing that not even 60 years ago was actually the NORM for nearly every child on the planet. The cross, because no matter our frustrations in life, Christ suffered greater. A lit candle to remind us it’s by the Light of the Holy Spirit we ask for wisdom, knowledge and revelation to come into our hearts and minds. The saints, to guide us in our instruction and the ways of humility (a virtue that is an absolute MUST HAVE when educating children!). The Angelus, words of scripture to fortify us against the doubts and snares of the devil which bombard our minds constantly against succeeding in our task. Like Mary, we need not know how it’s all going to be done, we just need to give it our best and trust Our Father for the outcome. Add in copious amounts of coffee and a belief in miracles and the cluttered materials somehow seem to all come together. And so do our hearts. Homeschooling will sanctify you. It will push your limits. It will expose any fruits of impatience, ego, and deep-seeded resentment. It will have you look again harshly at the critics of your own past and shout at some of the mistakes that were made. ❤️💛💙 It will make you GRATEFUL for others who have chosen to follow the same path as you and do life together. Side by side. In community. The way we’re meant to. All of Heaven and Earth pressing in, together.

The world is much bigger than we’re shown and so much simpler than we know. Such paradoxes are easily overlooked until you’re staring face to face with the child of your blood asking you questions incessantly like they know-it-all and then crying uncontrollably because they’ve believed the lie “they can’t”. It’s in those moments of simply being “with” them on their journey that I always remember the answer to my own lying thought –

Why am I doing this? Because I GET TO.

Because I GET TO be someone’s Parent.

Because I GET TO to train up a child in the way…

Because I GET TO come alongside them and teach them the ways of this world so that they can make it to the next. Why do any of us live the life we live? ✝️ Because we GET TO.

Live it well.

Live it with Faith.

Live it with Courage.

Live it with Love.

And encourage one another…

Let us know your thoughts? Were we right on or do we need more coffee?