Joseph the “Just” Man

“Her husband Joseph, was a just man…” Matthew 1:19.

What is a “just” man?

“In all that he does, he prospers.” Psalm 1:3

To understand Joseph as “just” Pope Benedict XVI states we must understand his “whole life was lived according to Sacred Scripture.”

Psalm 1 then is the picture of the “just” man, the spiritual Joseph. He is like a tree, planted beside flowing waters…He maintains living contact with the word of God.

You have heard it said: “You are what you eat.” Joseph ate only the word of God. In the morning he rose before the sun, and while his house was sleeping, he offered the Psalms from memory as a prayer offering to God each day. Later, when he returned from a hard days labor, instead of “unplugging” and “vegging out”, Joseph chooses to choose that which will make him healthy. At the end of the day, before he sleeps, he chooses Scriptures as the last words on his mind. He begins and ends and sustains each day with the word of God.

🙏🏼How is your spiritual diet? Where do you “go” when you are off and have free time? Imagine what your life could look like if you lived more firmly rooted in God like Joseph. Ask God to help you see the hidden parts of Joseph’s life as you encounter the same moments in your day.

❤️💛💙Joseph teaches us, by his example, how to live a life in continual adoration of the Lord and to pray without ceasing. He who adored the Savior of the world every minute of his day within his own house, also rose each morning with “Hail Mary” upon his lips and ended each night with “Hail Mary” in his dreams.

Joseph was just. Her husband was a just man. God choses the just to represent His best. In all that they do, they prosper.

How well do you want to prosper?

📖 READ Psalm 1, especially verse 3. Consider how often Joseph prayed these words of the Old Testament. Ask God to help you pray them with a heart like Joseph.

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