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Birthing Time

This time last year, we were immersed in God’s goodness, aflame with the fire of His love, the hope of the Holy family, the protection of St. Joseph, all the angels and saints and out of the fiery throws of darkness came a great light with the birth of our youngest son! He came close […]

Hebrew Year 5781 (2021) Part 3: Ite Ad Joseph! Widen Your Mouth in Silence & Pray|Declare Thy Will Be Done!

In the tradition of the Jewish people and in the heritage of our Christian faith, we could tie everything together about this next year by simply praying two prayers: the Lord’s Prayer and Psalm 82 (ESV shown below). And Joseph of Nazareth is the man who will show us the way. Allow me to explain… […]

Joseph – A Man of Order

Joseph knew WHO he was because he knew WHOSE he was. What we know about Joseph, namely his marriage to Mary and his raising Jesus, are both given to him by God. However, God’s first words to Joseph through the angel remind him of his identity. “Joseph, SON of David, do not fear…” (Matthew 1:20) […]