Birthing Time

This time last year, we were immersed in God’s goodness, aflame with the fire of His love, the hope of the Holy family, the protection of St. Joseph, all the angels and saints and out of the fiery throws of darkness came a great light with the birth of our youngest son!

He came close to midnight but we knew he was coming. I had been doing the Consecration to Jesus through St. Joseph the 33days before and with it came God’s promise that this little one would be born on the Feast of St. Joseph. Having that faith in the Promise in an environment that is prone to healing but not to prophesy was a challenge. All sorts of demons arose to challenge the faith but we persevered with the virtues of fortitude and prudence, and a faithful doctor who knew well the power of the Word. When convention would pressure to deliver in their time, we are grateful for the faithful few on staff who stood with us in the promise. What a blessing faith-filled healers are! I find myself sorrowful at times when I hear of mothers and babies who undergo such sorrows and anxieties at the hands of well-meaning doctors and staff who have little understanding or patience for the Divine Healer. It reminds me of a Jewish proverb which says, “Doctors are healers not prophets.” When they have run through the course of their divine wisdom and tell you there is nothing left to do, there is no hope, remember they are not prophets. There is another who will always prophesy hope and He is your Divine Healer. It is He who brings forth life. It is He who declares the time to come.

This day, I spent basking in the divine glow of His hope. I pray wherever you are today that you too would know this Hope and believe in His goodness and His timing. Together with his Mother, St. Joseph and all the angels and saints, let us pray that all our eyes may be enlightened. Pray for all our healers to know Wisdom not just give it out. Pray for prophets to cross our paths who speak Truth and life. Pray for our ears to be open to hear God for ourselves. Pray for rest for all those who are anxious.

Come Holy Spirit, illumine our hearts!

Let us know your thoughts? Were we right on or do we need more coffee?