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LET YOURSELF BE HEALED…A Post-Saint Valentine’s Day Note

In nearly 40 years of Valentine’s Days, many of which the good Lord in His grace has allowed me to forget (because they were so horrible), I finally had one that was so perfect it moved me to tears. And in those tears, I realized just how much this day is about True Love.

Death Becomes Her (Chapter One)

I’m never going to be skinny enough. I’m never going to be tall enough, beautiful enough, smart enough, making enough, funny enough, you name it – enough. I am His. It’s the only thing that will ever be enough. Six years ago, I heard the Lord tell me my husband was dying. At the time,

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The Gardener’s Son – Woman, Why do you weep?

Did you ever wonder why Jesus was supposed to be a Gardener that day outside the tomb? Of all the professions of men his identity that Resurrection Day was seen to a woman as a Gardener, Why? In the Gospel of John we can see there is something special about Mary from Magdalene from her

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