Live Intentional

Living Intentional. I was having a conversation with a fellow mom and minister the other night and we were discussing the importance of living intentionally. With the crazy distractions of this culture, notifications and alerts screaming at us with our pocket sized computers that we carry with us everywhere, we could truly miss so much of living, relationships building and key conversations with our children. My friend told me how she plays basketball after work with her kiddos. Some days she is tired from a full day at work but as a mother she realizes this time is priceless and so many conversations that are vital for raising Godly kids can be missed if we don’t intentionally and sometimes sacrificially make time for these activities.

The kids and I love playing cards. This is when we can talk, laugh, and encourage one another. What does your family do to connect and unplug from the world?

Let us know your thoughts? Were we right on or do we need more coffee?