Nov. 25, 2019 Message from Medjugorje

Prayer. – A soul arms itself by prayer for all kinds of combat. In whatever state the soul may be, it ought to pray. A soul which is pure and beautiful must pray, or else it will lose its beauty; a soul which is striving after this purity must pray, or else it will never attain it; a soul which is newly converted must pray, or else it will fall again; a sinful soul, plunged in sins, must pray so that it might rise again. There is no soul which is not bound to pray, for every single grace comes to the soul through prayer.

Diary of Saint Faustina, entry 146, Divine Mercy

🙏🏼 Today’s message from Our Lady in Medjugorje for November 25, 2019 seems to echo what Saint Faustina received from the Merciful Christ. Prayer is the weapon of our times that leads us into a greater measure of God’s Love & Mercy. Prayer is what wins the war for souls. Jesus, we trust in you!

“Dear children! May this time be a time of prayer for you. Without God you do not have peace. Therefore, little children, pray for peace in your hearts and families, so that Jesus can be born in you and give you His love and blessing.

The world is at war because hearts are full of hatred and jealousy. In the eyes, little children, peacelessness is seen because you have not permitted Jesus to be born in your lives.

Seek Him, pray, and He will give Himself to you in the Child who is joy and peace. I am with you and I pray for you. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

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The Divine Mercy is a devotion to Jesus Christ associated with the apparitions of Jesus to Faustina Kowalska. The venerated image under this Christological title refers to what Kowalska’s diary describes as “God’s loving mercy” towards all people, especially for sinners. To learn more go to

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