Pain Comes

Whether we like it or not, we live in a broken world with broken people and no matter how we try to avoid it… pain still comes. Wounded people are everywhere, and if we are truthful with ourselves, we would have to admit, we are wounded too. Wounded people wound people. It’s a painful cycle, we see it in the world today! The question left for us to answer is, “What will we do with it?”

Rejection, disappointment, and tragedy…they come like a flood and when it does we can try to deny it, we can stuff it, we can wallow in it, or we can use it!! God wants us to use it!

Pain can be wasted or it can be used. It can destroy us or it can strengthen us. It can make us hopeless or it can give us purpose. It’s our choice!

It is in the later that we find healing. You see, God never lets anything go to waste. The only one that can do that is us. God will let us choose that path but that path is not for me.

I will not wallow in my heartbreak! I will not allow a tragic moment to define my future! I will not internalize my pain but I will use it to fuel my passion to see others know my Healer and to find healing themselves. It is a resolve in me to shake off the accuser and armor up against him and use the very weapon he tried to destroy me with, against him!! I choose healing, I choose power and I choose significance.

How do you do this?


Be honest with God about your pain! He can take it. Without confession there is no healing.


It’s a choice. Let JESUS heal you. Don’t be too comfortable in your pain.


Forgiveness does not make your enemy right nor does it release them from their consequences, it just releases you!!

Surrender to SACRIFICE

Let God have your story! Quit making it all about you. Live your life to be an example of God’s glory.

Let your story make God famous!

❤️ Francine

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