Heaven’s Messages: Medicinal Plants (E-book)


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In this e-book we share the Messages in which Heaven has given us indications and recommendations to use the different medicinal plants to prevent and combat the diseases that humanity is facing and will face; unknown diseases or that were thought to be eradicated will return. These diseases are rapidly transmitted and highly contagious, which is enhanced in a globalized world, in which science does not have a cure to eliminate them and rather is being misused against man himself.

This is why Heaven alerts us and prepares us in advance. At this moment we see a great number of Messages revealed since the year 2009, which have been fulfilled. In these Messages we were warned of diseases, viruses, plagues and even pandemics that would affect humanity, some of them product of nature itself and others product of misused science, directed by a machinery of evil.

At this moment, virus mutations are occurring and manifesting themselves in pandemics. Heaven does not abandon us and has given us indications to help us, not to stop the disease in a person, but to protect us more and to strengthen our organism. Read about some of the remedies Heaven has given to us in this FREE e-book.


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