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Hildegard of Bingen loved spelt. Today, those of us carrying the torch of Hildegard nutrition consider spelt coffee a healthy alternative to coffee. Spelt Coffee has got a mild, pleasant taste with a nutty aroma. Although there is nothing Nutty about it! Spelt is considered part of the wheat grain family, however, it’s use from the ancient times through today have proven it to be more tolerable to some who experience gluten sensitivity. This Benedictine Abyss couldn’t say enough in her book “Physica” about the postive benefits of a spelt as part of a daily regimine and modern-day practitioners who follow her are finding her claims to be well proven despite her access to modern scientific tools.

This CAFFEINE FREE drink can be prepared in various ways, including cold and warm, with milk or sugar, as well as with the addition of spices that enrich the taste. Spelt+Coffee can be served with cinnamon, vanilla or cocoa. For extra warmth, try whipping up fresh Heavy Cream with a frother tool and pouring over top a steaming cup of french-pressed spelt brew with a dash of cinnamon on top. Cinnamon too was another Hildegard favorite.

To prepare a beverage using a French Press, take 2-3 full tsp of Spelt+Coffee per 2 cup (400 ml) of water. Using an electric kettle or boiled water from a pot, pour it over the spelt grinds and allow to steep for 4-5 minutes, then press to strain and pour into a cup. (For a stronger flavor, allow it to steep longer. For milder flavor, steep just a few minutes.)

You can add milk, cream, or sugar, depending on your preferences.

Your spelt grounds can actually be reused and kept in the refridgerator for up to 3 days. Instead of disposing of them with each use, refrigerate them, then when ready for a new brew, add 1 tsp of fresh grinds to the old grinds and brew as normal. By the 3rd day, you will have a Bold Brew that is worth the wait. It will also help you make the most of your Spelt+Coffee 7.5 oz bag, which is home roasted over stovetop in cast-iron with organic ancient spelt grains and no fillers or additives, finely ground with love and blessings.

We prepare it for you just like we do at home, with much prayer and reflection for the gifts of the Holy Spirit offerred to us through this Great Saint! Saint Hildegard von Bingen is A Saint for Our Times.

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