Violet Oil | Holy Family Gift Set


A perfect gift set to give away or keep for yourself! Our holy oil sets are handcrafted and packaged with much compassion and fervent prayer for the lost and for the faithful souls who are open to heeding Heaven’s Call. Each gift set arrives in a gift-able organza bag and includes:

*10 ML ROLLER-BALL BOTTLE for easy application




Purchase them individually or as a set. They are also included in our Three Days of Darkness Travel Kit / Altar on-the-go. 🙏🏼 Remember, faith is the key ingredient for miracles. Jesus, we trust in you!


Note:  All items are “unblessed” until we take them to be blessed right before mailing.  This is done as a favor. 




*VIOLET OIL (10 ML Roller-ball bottle)

Needed for The Three Days of Darkness. Included in the Divine Mercy Package #3.

This is made from a pure violet absolute (essential oil) with the addition of an essence therefore it has medicinal properties. We chose pure olive oil as the carrier oil for the violet essential oils therapeutic properties.

Violet belongs to Violaceae family of plants. Since ancient times, violet has been known for its great therapeutic properties. The medicinal properties of violet oil are attributed to its organic constituents such as hexyl alcohol, ionone, nonadienal, benzyl alcohol, and parmone.

It has many properties such as being an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic,
decongestant (liver) soporific.

It’s many benefits include helping with: Acne, Refines pores, Thread veins, Fibrosis, Cattarh, Mouth and throat infections, Insomnia and Nervous exhaustion.

As you can see, Violet oil is very therapeutic and has many uses. I like using Violet oil as it has a proven calming effect on the nervous system. Therefore, it is helpful in treating anxiety, depression, mental strain, and sleep related problems. Apply on the skin (rub on non-sensitive areas-do not ingest).


“For unknown fevers: the humble VIOLET (Viola odorata), perfume and virtue of humility, will be effective.” – THE END DAYS REMEDIES AS REVEALED TO Marie-Julie Jahenny (1850-1941) for “The Three Days of Darkness”

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Divine Mercy Jesus, Immaculate Mary, Padre Pio


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