Waking Sleeping Beauty (Prologue and Invitation)

I keep thinking about woman.

“Who am I that my sovereign King is mindful of me?”

I want to tell her, how even if her fairy tale did not begin the way she hoped it would, that it’s okay. Because it can end even better than it began.

Only, I pause. Because, I wonder if the statement is true. Do you believe in fairy tales? Do you really believe dreams can come true?

We cannot go back and re-do our first proposal, our first kiss, our first love. We have the gift of hindsight now that we did not have then. Though our hearts may long for that fairy tale romance, the prince who waits for true-love’s kiss, the virginal purity of a grace-filled relationship, we cannot un-do what has already been done. Or can we?

So many of us throw aside the dream of a happy ending, even though its the deepest longing of our hearts. We toss it aside as quickly as it comes, believing the lie we are damaged and unworthy of the full fairy tale. We settle for second best. And, the Beast wins. Is that really the end?

For now, we have compromised not only ourselves but our fairy tale. And, the years of matrimony, that ought to be marked by selfless adventure with our handsome prince, are marred by second-rate plans and further lies we tell ourselves in order to make believe this is our dream come true. In failing to live out the truth, we slowly suffocate and kill one another with the deadly poison of unbelief. Our fairy tale has become our nightmare. Will it ever end?

So, how can I offer you such hope? You cannot go back and if you try to break away, you’ll only suffer a far worse fate. What must you do? What can you do? I’m afraid there’s only one thing left that you can do, you must take it back! Take it all back.

There is only one truth to live. You must become your fairy tale princess. And, you must blaze the way to rescue your fairy tale prince.

Trapped inside the lifeless body of the man you are called to love is a prince, who once believed in the same fairy tale dream you did. It may take you your whole life to see him set free from the beasts which hold him hostage now, but there is no other way for you to live now than to dedicate your life to see him free. Why? you ask, Why does this burden fall upon you, Oh Fair One? Because, you, my Beauty, are the only one awake.

True Love’s whisper has set you free from your slumber and now its up to you, Sleeping Beauty, to free yourself from the tower of fear and unbelief, slay the dragon that taunts you, and to awaken your Beloved Prince to the same True-Love’s Kiss. That same Kiss which first awakened you.

No one has ever written before what happens on the other side of fairy tales. We see only how they begin, not how they finish. In this way, I can tell you one thing with much certainty, where you are is a place many people have awoken to, but they fell back asleep too soon. And, where you are going is a place only a few dreamers have actually made it to. But, it’s a part of your story which has not yet been written, which means you are the Author of your “Happy Ending.” Happily Ever-After begins the day Sleeping Beauty awakes. And, you, my Dear, get to tell us all how it all ends, by the way you choose to live out your next steps in your adventure.

What once was a nightmare, can now become your Dream Come True.

The only question you need to ask yourself now is, How much do you want your fairy tale? And, what are you willing to do to stay awake long enough to see it come true?

Will you fight for him?
Will you fight for you?

The characteristic of a true warrior is not in their ability to change their circumstances, but in their ability to change the paradigm. No longer a slave, but a free man or woman. No longer a Sleeping Beauty but a Beauty, fully awake and alive!

It’s up to you, Princess.

Now is your time to become a Queen and to rule over your kingdom. There’s no more sleeping for you, Beauty. Are you ready to join the battle for your fairy tale come true?

Then it’s time to turn the page…

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