What are you Fasting from?

In 1 Corinthians 10 , Paul reminds the Corinthians that even though their ancestors, the Israelites, experienced the miraculous on a daily basis, it didn’t mean God was pleased with them.

They witnessed the supernatural when He parted the Red Sea for them so they could escape captivity and enslavement. He guided them with a pillar of a cloud during the day and provided the manna daily to nourish them. They drank from the spiritual rock that followed them (in the Old Testament, Yahweh is the Rock of his people… Paul now applies this image to the Christ.)

You would think that after living with the supernatural they would have been faithful and thankful.

It’s easy to read the story and think, “My goodness they were such rotten kids. A bunch of whiners and complainers.” We however, are not much different. We too experienced the miraculous when we were baptized and received Christ. Like the Israelites we escaped captivity and enslavement from the curse of original sin. Because of this magnificent gift we have the ability to encounter the supernatural daily with the anointing, enlightenment, immorality, rebirth and seal that it provides for us (CCC 1216).

The pillar of a cloud represented God’s faithfulness and protection which we have access to through Jesus. We also, eat the bread from heaven in the Eucharist and drink from the cup of Jesus’ blood. The supernatural and the miraculous surround us on a daily basis through the power of Communion.

Are we aware enough to partake or are we asleep?

Are we faithful and thankful or are we whiners and complainers?

This Lent I am fasting from complaining. For the most part I’ve done well but in the last couple of days I’ve caught myself keeping the Israelites company a few times. The good news is that I’m much more aware of what’s about to come out of my mouth. With God’s grace and the help of Holy Spirit I am determined to live a lifestyle of thankfulness.

How about you?

How’s your Lent fasting and sacrificing going?

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1 thought on “What are you Fasting from?

  1. Kypster

    Great observation. Complaining seems small, but it’s a huge stumbling block – just ask Korah! Little booboo: immortality.


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