What are you taking for granted?

We choose to put our jobs over family Yet at the end of our life we would be calling our family around us not our bosses and coworkers. Right?! It’s so easy to see the every day things of life as a responsibility instead of the blessing that they are. Some days I just want to scream stop and smell the roses! Stop and watch the sunrise! Stop and hug your kids a little tighter today! The laundry can wait. That deadline isn’t really that important. The dishes will be there in an hour after you play that card game. Kids grow up! Those moments can’t be taken back.

So many couples grow apart and most of the time, it’s not caused by big things in life- it’s a bunch of the little neglected things.

So how do we prevent this in our lives? How do we make sure we give honor where honor is due? How do we make sure we don’t take for granted the life that God has given us and the people were supposed to love.

1. Wake up each morning and during your prayer time, start with thanking him for all your blessings. Just like the song says… and name them one by one!

2. Say those sweet encouraging things when you think them! We pass up so many chances to bless one another. We think wonderful things about the ones we love but all too many times we think we will tell them later. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe God gave you that thought because your loved one needed to hear it right then?

3. Take out the headphones and put down the phone. I think many times were missing so much because we’ve quit looking around. My kids and I watch people in restaurants — at dinner, and they never look up from their phones. No conversation. No looking in each other’s eyes. I know, I can find myself right here stuck in my phone, working all the time, if I don’t consciously put my phone down.

So tonight God used a podcast to remind me once again, that life is too short to lose focus of what’s most important.

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits, Psalm 103:2.

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