180 Degree Turn About

I originally posted this on my Facebook and Instagram January 1st, but wanted to share it with you here. I’ve personally experienced this “Turning About” this week, as have many others who shared. May it bless you, as well, and give you hope for what’s to come.

Originally Posted 3:30 am January 1, 2018 by Kim Engel

“180 Degree Turn-About”

Many of you are about to experience a 180 degree turn about in your life. You’re not going backward, you are about to go full steam ahead! Think of a huge ship in the middle of the sea. You’ve been out in open waters, navigating by the stars, enjoying the open spaces and intimacy of God under the open Heavens. You’ve experienced the deep waters and even discovered places uncharted, but now you are about to change course. Turning a huge ship on a dime is no small task. First, you’ve got to put the engines in full-reverse. For a short time, it may even seem as though you are moving backward but the momentum is just part of the turning about. Soon you will feel the hard turn of the ship’s rudder jarring you in the opposite direction, it may even seem as though you’ve come to a standstill in the water, but it will be only a brief moment before the engines reverse once more, catapulting you into your new direction. You are not going back from where you came, from where you started as in making a 360 degree turn, but are making a sudden turn from your current direction. An 180 turning, about face, from the direction you’ve been going. From that point on, you will be a ship on a mission. It will be all hands on deck and full steam ahead until you arrive at your new destination. The days of uncharted wandering are over, you have been commissioned into the new! Brace yourself, your adventure is just getting started.

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