A Word to the Sleeping Beauties

To my Heart ❤️ Sisters,

If I could look into your eyes and hold your hand this day, I would tell you this:

You are beautiful. You are fiercely and wonderfully made. You are a treasured Princess worth more than every precious jewel and worthy of the highest esteem. You my dear are the most powerful of all creatures when you align your heart with the will of the One who made you.

In you is the power to conceive life and birth it forth into the world. God set you as His jewel in the crown of all creation. This beautiful power has sat quietly within you from before time waiting for the moment of your big reveal, your debutant ball if you will. It was carried in your mother’s womb and even in your grandmother’s womb before that. The power within you has been transcended down upon generations.

It is so great a power that all the forces of darkness converge against it to see it snuffed out, suppressed, and discarded before it even comes into the light of the world. Like the evil villains of fairytales who seek to destroy and cast curses upon the kingdom, they prey upon the youthful beauty. But you are not weak. You are a fighter. You cannot be held down.

Deep within your DNA and embedded in your soul is an Overcoming Spirit and it rises daily at the threat of decay and captivity, because it knows it has already conquered death and claimed victory over its powers. You, my dear, are the King’s Daughter and by it your birth rite is to rule & reign over the territory of your inheritance. This life you are walking in IS your territory and it’s under YOUR rule. When you believe this and cast off the scales of doubt cast to blind you, you will see your land and you will see that there is more land to take and conquer and rule over.

The promises of God are unending. Like the Israelites crossing the Jordan, The Lord has given you your inheritance now, but now you must walk it, discover it’s terrain and evict the negative forces that don’t belong there, you have the authority to rule your land as you desire. Let nothing deceive you from this day forward. You were meant to rule & reign in love and compassion, to be inspired, to conceive and create, to bring forth the imaginations in your heart that they may no longer be a fairytale but instead bring the Kingdom of Far Far Away NEAR, HERE, NOW.

So today my beautiful, fair-weathered one, let your heart be lifted high and behold the land before you that you might hear Wisdom incline her words toward you and show you the way to rule with peace and love, because today the Fairytale you’ve dreamed of since you were a little girl is no more.

Today, Sleeping Beauty wakes and the Fairytale has come to life in THE Kingdom here on Earth as it is in Heaven. Awake O’ Sleeper! Rise…and Christ will give you Light. (Ephesians 5:14) Rise O’Beauty and possess the Land!

Together, we’re Waking Sleeping Beauty and Reclaiming Eden. Together, we will Awake & Rise!


Let us know your thoughts? Were we right on or do we need more coffee?