January 25, 2021 Message from Our Lady | The Time of Giving Birth

Our Lady to Marija, one of the Medjugorje Visionaries on January 25th, 2021:

Dear children! I am calling you at this time to prayer, fasting and renunciation, that you may be stronger in faith. This is a time of awakening and of giving birth. As nature, which gives itself, you also, little children, ponder how much you have received. Be joyful bearers of peace and love that it may be good for you on earth. Yearn for Heaven; and in Heaven there is no sorrow or hatred. That is why, little children, decide anew for conversion and let holiness begin to reign in your life. Thank you for having responded to my call.

This is a time of awakening and of giving birth…

Anyone who’s delivered a child can tell you that when it comes to giving birth there is indeed a great awakening which both precedes and proceeds the moment of delivery, but nothing quite prepares you for the awakening that comes during the actual birth. While birthing itself can be a far more complex process that encompasses the hours of hard labor and anticipation that come before, the term “giving birth” applies to the actual moment of bearing forth a child. In an instant, the months of hard work wherein the physical and emotional demands of developing a child in the womb have taken their toll, suddenly disappear and the only thing that demands focus and all of our attention becomes the heroing transition of a soul from the hiddenness of the Mother’s womb into the openness of the visible realties of the world. What is unseen is about to become seen. And all of it happens in a flutter of urgency and intensity with which all the cares of both the past and future moments melt off into the distance. The only thing that matters at the moment of giving birth is the present moment. It is an awakening like no other!

As nature, which gives itself, you also, ponder how much you have received…

Our Lady, who has spent much of her life as the seat of Wisdom, pours forth to us a beautiful gem in these words! If we were to ponder the present moment of giving birth as if we were nature itself, how much would our hearts leap with joy to discover how much we have been given. Birth is a moment of intense giving. A Mother selflessly gives everything she has in order to see the invisible come to light. All her strength, all her heart, all her mind is focused on birthing life, even to the point of giving her own. When people use the acronym P.U.S.H. “Pray.Until.Something.Happens”, I often think of a mother about to give birth. Her push is powerful. Her push can mean the difference between life and death. Mother Nature has done the same for us. She has given of herself everything she has to give to bring forth life on planet earth. If we were to ponder what Mother Nature has given us, we would find that we have indeed received much! Why not take some time today and ponder the gifts of nature. How does it beckon us to consider giving in the same way our own lives to others?

Be joyful bearers of peace and love that it may be good for you on earth.

Only in the context of giving do we see how much it is a joy to simply receive the goodness of God. Make no mistake in understanding, Life is truly a gift. There are now more than 62 MILLION who were never given the chance to receive it fully (and that’s just in the last 50 years since someone started counting abortions, imagine the real numbers if you include infanticide and child sacrifice since antiquity – Lord have mercy on us!). Our willingness to partner with God’s gift makes an impact on the world around us. When the Joy of the Lord is truly our strength then we can be givers of His Joy who bear forth His invisible gifts of peace and love in a visible way. When someone has not yet received this Truth into their hearts, there is no joy, and there is no giving. If Life is to be received and fully opened by all, we must discover the Joy of the Lord. Pray to be a gift of Joy to others. Pray their hearts will be opened to receive it. Pray for the unborn to be received in this world as a gift of Joy from God.

Yearn for Heaven; and in Heaven there is no sorrow or hatred. That is why, little children, decide anew for conversion and let holiness begin to reign in your life.

Learning from the Wisdom of her son, Jesus, who literally brought Heaven to Earth, we can see now Our Mother’s words are most gracious and wise. There is no sorrow in Heaven. She who gave birth to it did not bear it forth in pain and sorrow but with joy. There’s a scene from the popular crowd-funded series “The Chosen” where Mary is pictured as having a painful child birth. Many Catholic commentaries were quick to assert that the depiction was not entirely accurate. Because we often transfer our own experiences of life into the Gospels, it has become challenging for this generation to believe the ways of life were all that different for the Holy Family. But it was different! It was Heavenly! And in Heaven there is no sorrow or hatred. Even pain has a joy that sorrow cannot touch. Despite whatever circumstances we live through today, the Holy Family is proof that holiness is for real!

Dear brothers and sisters, now is the time to awaken our minds to the Truth of the Gospel of Christ and to live this holy life the Holy Family reveals to us. In these Messages from Medjugore we are reminded consistently to offer our lives to God as a gift in thanksgiving for the gift of life He gave us. Through prayer and fasting and renunciation of all the lies that keep us from becoming a true gift of holiness we can become God-bearers who bear forth Heaven on Earth. We were birthed for a purpose. A purpose which is now bearing forth in this generation. Now is the time of the Awakening humanity so desperately needs in order to finalize God’s gift to us – Jesus will return to reign on Earth as he does in Heaven!

Our Lady is preparing us now, as any good Mother would, for the time which needs our intense concentration; a time which needs our whole attention; that we might help give birth to a new world where Heaven reigns and hatred and sorrow are no more.

It is good to ponder. So let us ponder the words of the woman who pondered all things in her heart. Let us ponder what we are willing to give to receive Heaven into Earth. Are you willing to live a life like Joseph and Mary? Are you willing to give it all to become a Holy Family on Earth as it is in Heaven?

Be joyful bearers of peace and love that it may be good for you on earth…let holiness begin to reign in your life.

Let us know your thoughts? Were we right on or do we need more coffee?