Joseph is The Man’s Man

Joseph was a man of great virtue. He had to be. He was CHOSEN by God for protection. Matthew 2:13-14 clearly illustrates Joseph’s calling as PROTECTOR. “Rise, take the child and his mother, and flee to Egypt.” Joseph is a man of obedience. He does what God asks of Him IMMEDIATELY. Once Joseph knew it was God speaking, his only response was YES.

In a world that no longer values obedience as a virtue, where we are told “Life is short. Do whatever makes you happy,” Joseph reminds us obedience is to a person not a task. He responds to God’s calls out of relationship. 🙏🏼IMAGINE if you could hear God speak to you as Joseph heard God speak to him. Would your life, your marriage, your family, and your virtue be better or worse if you actually had that type of relationship with God? Now is the time to ask that question.

Every dream Joseph receives is a message of protection and discernment. He is a man of sharp discernment. “Rise, take the child and his mother, and go to the land of Israel.” When he learns Archelaus reigns in Judea after his father Herod, Jospeh discerns it is not safe to settle in Judea and instead goes to Galilee. Joseph not only has God’s favor as protector of both mother and child but also God’s wisdom to discern the safest way. ❤️💛💙You and I are invited to receive such wisdom for our own life’s journey to discern where the illuminated path of God leads and which places to avoid for our own safety. HOW WELL DO YOU RESPOND TO GOD’s CALL FOR DISCERNMENT?

Joseph was also protector of Mary’s virtues. As a man of virtue it would follow that he protected the virtues of those entrusted to him, namely Mary’s innocence or virginity. Pope Benedict XVI writes, “It follows that God, by giving Joseph to the Virgin, did not give him to her only as a companion for life, a witness of her virginity and protector of her honor.” While living completely his full identity as husband, Joseph chose to love Mary within the fullness of God’s plan for HER. Joseph protected Mary by loving her as God would have him do. Joseph loves Mary on HER term, not his.

Joseph’s protection of Mary’s virtues actually reveal his strength. Strength is not always found in what you CAN do, but often in what you choose NOT to do. Authentic strength is not found in one’s capacity to “do whatever you want” but in sometimes choosing NOT to do whatever you want.

Holiness is tested by one’s ability to restrain oneself FOR THE SAKE OF HOLINESS, for if a man cannot say no, what does that say about his yes?

📖 READ Psalm 25:1-10. It is THE PROTECTOR’S PRAYER. Pray it over yourself today or for a man you know who needs it. LADIES, Ask God to give you a man like Joseph as a husband. Consider how God brought him to Mary, she didn’t chase after him, he was brought to her once both their virtues were matured. She trusted God to instill his virtues. GENTLEMEN, Ask God to make your heart into a man like Joseph, a protector of both mother and child, a man in relationship with God: the Son of Man’s Man.

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