Joseph Knows He’s Been Given a Gift of a Good Wife

In marriage, a man’s wife changes him.

He practices giving himself in love to her. He allows himself to be determined by her. He must attune himself to her, and she engages his heart and helps to develop his EROS into AGAPE love.

Most men must learn this. There is greatness inside of every man, but for many men, THIS MUST BE PULLED OUT OF HIM. The love that a husband has for his wife pulls the deepest desires out of him, as he longs “to do mighty deeds for her.”

It has been said that when Jesus first saw Simon, he saw “Peter” (the Rock) inside him. Therein, Jesus PULLED Peter out of Simon. When Jesus first saw Simon the fisherman, he saw the Peter the pope inside the fisherman. Therein, Jesus PULLED the pope out of the fisherman. During each stage of life, Jesus seeks to PULL something out of us.

❤️💛💙 Jesus pulls the GREATNESS of Joseph’s manhood out of him, through Mary. While Joseph’s Sonship, and even his brotherly-ness are something God pulls out of him in pursuit of virtue, God uses his wife, Mary, to PULL the husband and fatherhood of Joseph out of him. This is why it is said in the Proverbs, “A man can inherit a house and money from his parents, but only the LORD can give him a sensible wife.” He who finds a wife, finds a good thing. Likewise, she who becomes a virtuous wife is more precious than rubies. Joseph and Mary remind us that marriage is about becoming a total gift of self and receiving each other in the purest of love and virtues, while completely surrendered to God’s will.

God knows exactly who you need in your life to help PULL the Greatness out of you!

There is a Peter inside every Simon. There is a saint inside every sinner. The question is: Will you let God PULL the Saint out the sinner? Will you let God PULL the greatness out of you?

📖 READ Ephesians 3:14-21. Consider for a moment the people God has placed in your life, how might they be the way to becoming more than you could imagine? Ask God to show you how to RECEIVE them more fully, like Joseph received Mary. Like Mary, how might you be a total gift to another in a way that they might be willing to receive more of Jesus?

🙏🏼 PRAYFather, make me the best version of myself. Pull the Saint out of this sinner. I give you permission to do far more in me than all that I could ever imagine.

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