Joseph – The Man Who Walked In Freedom

What is FREEDOM? True Freedom is living in God’s presence without fear of “what if God finds out?

Joseph wasn’t afraid to let God know he felt unworthy to be Mary’s husband. He felt unworthy because he was. But God, in a sense, said, “Do not be afraid – I am worthy, and I will be with you.”

❤️💛💙 Can you “feel” Joseph standing still as he feels unworthy? Can you “feel” what it’s like for him to stand still and let God speak truth to him? “Be still and know” is more difficult for many because it requires a sense of awe surrounding the person we are becoming still for. Our lives are so busy and the idea of slowing down can be daunting when we’ve worked so hard to build the life we’ve imagined. But Joseph wasn’t building his own kingdom, he was committed to building God’s kingdom. So he let himself “be still” and he “listened to God’s voice” from within. He surrendered himself totally to the movement of God’s rhythm, even in the night season, even in his dreams.

🙏🏼 Take some time today to carve out some silence. Revisit the questions from yesterday: Who are you? Whose are you? Ask God, “Why is it that you choose to love me?” Ask the Lord, “Where does my worth come from?”

📖 Advent is also known as “The Season of the Prophets”. READ Isaiah 43:1-7 then read Is 49:14-16. Read it a few times and consider how often Joseph prayed with these Old Testament verses. What is God saying to you? How does it apply to your life?

PRAY: Father, I ask for the grace today to know personally your love for me. Help me understand the truth of who I am and the truth of what makes me worthy. Help me to live in TRUE FREEDOM in your Presence always.

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