Joseph – the Pinnacle of Earthly Fatherhood

Parents are ‘the first representatives of God for man.’ (CCC 239) That means God intentionally chose one man—one man in all of human history—to ‘represent’ fatherhood to Jesus.

In choosing Joseph, God was careful to choose a man who would not ‘disfigure the face of fatherhood’ on God’s behalf.

Joseph, then, is more than a white lily; he was a man of profound holiness. He was a man of authentic masculinity. He embodied virtue. He lived quietly “on the inside.” He had a mature interior life and understood obedience as that which fosters intimacy and receptivity with God. He lived the Word of God. He loved God.

//Excerpt from Advent Meditations with Joseph Journal

❤️💛💙 God intentionally chose the father of His Son who would be a man that would authentically represent His Fatherhood and not disfigure it. You and I have been chosen to represent God’s nature to those in our family and communities. By virtue of our baptism we have been chosen to make a virtuous witness. Are we setting an authentic example of God’s love?

📖 Joseph prayed the Psalms every day, as was (and is today) the habit of Jewish people since the time of King David. He didn’t actually read them, he knew them by heart. Remember, there were no personal printed copies of the scriptures available to people during Jesus’ time. All scriptures were read in the synagogues which meant devout Jews had to memorize the Word of God and keep it in their hearts. How well could you recite the Psalms? READ Psalm 63. How does it apply to your life? What words stand out to you most?

“Because thy steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise thee.”

🙏🏼 God can do anything in your life, what do you want Him to do the most for you right now?

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