Joseph trusted God. How well do you REALLY Trust God?

There is a difference between trusting WHAT a person tells us and trusting the PERSON who does the telling. Joseph trusted God, and that was enough for him to follow His plans.

When Joseph awoke from his dream, he did not hesitate to do as the angel commanded (Matthew 1:24). Just as Mary did not hesitate to “let it be done.” Joseph and Mary knew WHOSE they were and they trusted WHO was speaking to them through the angel.

Sometimes, it’s easy to trust God. Especially, when we can make sense of WHAT He is asking of us. But sometimes the WHAT is hidden from us, or we feel trapped in the circumstances and feel what God is asking is too much. Joseph did not stop to wonder what his not divorcing Mary would mean for him or his business. Just as Mary did not stop to ponder what it would mean for her to be an unwed Virgin Mother. A wise man once said, “Life is a lot less about what you are facing and a lot more about where you’re looking.” Joseph and Mary we’re looking at God not at their circumstances.

❤️💛💙 In Joseph’s heart he deeply believes: “If God said He will do it, it will happen.” Even in not knowing how, he trusts the One who spoke to him. He utters the essence of Divine Mercy even before it is revealed, “Jesus, I TRUST in You.

🤔 Where in your life is God asking you to trust Him? Have you ever sensed God’s invitation to follow him, only to hesitate because of what God is asking of you? Imagine if you heard God’s voice as Joseph did. Imagine if you trusted God as Joseph did. Where do you think you might be looking at Life differently?

📖 READ: Psalm 37:1-7. Consider what God is ASKING of you today.

🙏🏼 PRAY: Father, I ask for the grace today to know personally your love for me. Help me trust you regardless of what I am facing in life.

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