Prophesy to the Open Box

I can see that you are open to us, Lord. You have extended the gates of your opening to us, wide in every direction. Fathomless is what’s in store for us inside!

From Thy bounty you have given. Freely, you have given. You offer of yourself more and more. Nothing do you hold back from those who love you.

And, the Lord would say to you, Dear One,

“Extend your hands. Let me place for you the deepest treasure of my heart in them. For inside this open box is a vast wealth filled with jewels and Stardust. Every good thing which comes from heaven is inside this box, waiting for you to discover it. Pull it out. One by one. Pull out my treasures!”

“Low! Dump it out!”

“Pick up the open box and turn it on its head and lift! LIFT and Heaven will pour itself out before you.”

“This is My gift offering to you, My sons and daughters. No longer shall you have to unwrap it. No longer shall you wait to unravel it. Turn it upside down! Pour it out!

My box is open unto you.”

What would you ask from the open box? Spend time with the Lord today and ponder. What shall I say to the open box before me?

Just now, I am reminded of Jesus, standing before the tomb of Lazarus. Perhaps, some of you are standing now before that open box, ready to shout, “Lazarus, Come Out!”

May that which has been dead inside you find resurrection life in the fathomless bounty of Heaven’s Gift.

I hear the word of the Lord in this hour, saying, “Prophesy to the Open Box!”

Until the Day Dawns and the Shadows Flee,

❤️ Kim

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