Prophetic Word: Let yourselves be loved…

There’s a preaching heart out there who needs this reminder. Sometimes people get so focused on condemning sinners they forget to focus at all on loving them like Jesus. Sinners know their sin. Jesus knows their sin. We don’t always need to point out the obvious. Love covers a multitude of sin because its focus is on redemption not condemnation. The Holy Spirit convicts us so that he can convince us we are loved. Sinners struggle with worthiness. Lovers focus on being accepted. Maybe that’s why Our Lord seems to choose the focus of His prophetic encouragement through his Mother to us From Fatima to Medjugorje to always be about love and less about rebuke.

Please, my children, let yourselves be guided: hard times await you – let yourselves be loved, my children, let yourselves be loved…

Prophetic word from Our Lady of Zaro to Simona on February 8th, 2021

In a recent word to Catholic Seer Simona Patalano from Zaro di Ischia (an island near Naples, Italy), Our Lady again appeared with a message of love from Heaven:

I saw Mother; she had a light pink dress, on her head she had the crown of a queen and a double veil that also served as a blue-green mantle. In her hands Mother had a basket full of white roses shedding petals on us, but without losing their beauty. Around Mother’s feet there were many white clouds and beneath them was the world. May Jesus Christ be praised “My beloved children, for a long time now God the Father, in his infinite mercy, has been allowing me to come down among you, to bring you a message of love and peace, to admonish you, to exhort you, to invite you to prayer and faith. My children, true faith is not something that is lost: it is like a fire – it can have a dull flame that flickers or it can be a burning fire – this depends on you. In order to be a burning fire, faith must be nourished with prayer, love, Eucharistic adoration. My children, I come to gather my army, ready with true faith and weapon* in hand, ready to fight with love. My children, I have been leaving you my messages for some time now, but alas, you often do not listen, you harden your hearts. I come to you as a mother, and as such I love you with an immense love and I come to you to help you, to lead you safely to the Father’s house; I take you by the hand and guide you. Please, my children, let yourselves be guided: hard times await you – let yourselves be loved, my children, let yourselves be loved (and while she was saying this, a tear ran down her face). My children, if you only understood how great is Christ’s love for each one of you, if only you would let Him enter your lives, He would fill you with every grace and blessing, He would give you the strength to face even the hardest storm with a smile. I love you, children, I love you. Now I give you my holy blessing. Thank you for having hastened to me.”

The Vision at Knock – Life-size statues of Mary, Joseph and John stand in place of where they first appeared alongside the Lord as a Lamb upon the altar before a group of people in Knock, Ireland. Their message, a silent act of prayer and tremendous love.

In short, Heaven’s Messages seem to reveal an important truth: Hurt people hurt people. Loved people love people.

The prophetic gift is about releasing identity to people in a world where ‘while they were still sinners’ Christ came to love them. We partner with the Holy Spirit when we allow our life of holiness to convince others about what the Holy Spirit is already convicting in them. He convicts to convince. We need more prophetic people willing to lay down their lives to holiness in order to raise up sinners to new levels of conviction by His Spirit. If people aren’t convinced that you love them then all your self-professed convictions are just noise (a clanging cymbal, a gong, a mouthy nonsense).

This is why the greatest commission of Jesus Christ is to love one another. By your words of love for them, the world becomes convinced Jesus is the real deal. Inside the heart of every sinner is a longing to be loved and to be known by Love. Instead of pointing people to the obvious, try focusing on helping what is hidden come to light.

And as they listen, their secret thoughts will be exposed, and they will fall to their knees and worship God, declaring, “God is truly here among you.” 1 Corinthians 14:25


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