Revealing Heaven – Part 2: Sacred Imagination and Worship

“From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force” (Matthew 11:12).

We are the one’s with the power to bring Heaven to Earth. To do this, we must learn to lay hold of it in its invisible form and partner with God in seeing His desires, and our own, come forth “on earth as it is in Heaven” (Matthew 6:10).

In Genesis 1:1, we learn how the Lord created the heavens and the earth. One of the letters used to write this verse in the original Hebrew is actually quite special. It is the 22nd letter of the Hebrew alphabet given in the Torah and it is used here for the first time in the 6th word of this verse, the word “And.”  This special Hebrew character is called “Vav.” In order to understand the significance of this letter “Vav,” you need to recall that there is a Rule of First in Scriptures that dictates the first mention of something is significant in how it will be interpreted throughout the proceeding scriptures. You can google this on your own later for further understanding, but basically, God makes a big deal out of firsts. Afterall, He is the Alpha and the Omega, the FIRST and the last.  And in this case, the first sentence of the Bible includes the first use of this letter “Vav” in a connecting word “and” which is showing us in scripture the connection between Heaven “and” earth. So here’s where things get really cool, the Hebrew language itself is a pictograph language. The language God first used to communicate with His people is entirely pictorial! The Hebrew language is a reminder to us that God talks with imagery!

The letter “Vav” is a picture of a connecting pin that literally “vavs” the heavens and the earth. It is a sign to us that Heaven must connect to earth so that all things can flow down from Heaven – the unseen imaginations of God – and become seen below in the earth, where He partners with our own imagination to make it visible.

When the Apostle John wrote his book of Revelation, he was not writing about his own imaginations.  The things he saw in heaven were not about him. He was actually tapping into God’s imagination. That’s right, God has an imagination. Everything God created and gifted inside us He Himself has inside of Him. We are made in His image. The difference between our imagination and God’s imagination is revelation. We cannot know the imaginations of God except that He reveal it to us. No one else can know the imaginations of your heart except that you tell them. What John wrote about in the book of Revelations about Heaven, and what Ezekiel, Enoch, Zechariah, Daniel, Moses, Isaiah and Jesus Himself revealed to us about Heaven all came from God’s heart. Just as Jesus told us He does not do anything except what He saw the Father doing, we get to glimpse what our Father is doing! For just as the Father loved the Son and showed Him all things that He Himself does, He will SHOW US greater works than these SO THAT WE may marvel. We have each been equipped with the gift of imagination so that we can commune with God just as Jesus did.

Worship then, the exercising of our imagination to kiss the heavens, to ascend to the throne of God and seek Him face to face, to know the heart of God and dwell on those things, becomes that connection between earth and heaven. Worship is the “Vav” between heaven and earth. WE become the connecting pin between the visible and the invisible when we engage in the act of worship, and we cannot worship in fullness if we cannot activate our sacred gift of imagination.

We must use the gift of imagination to help us discern and receive the revelations of Heaven. You have to use your gift daily, not just open it once and put it aside.  Learning to use your God-given gifts is no different than learning to use your body – you have to learn to walk with God before you can run with Him!

If you have been remiss in using this precious gift, let me encourage you to say this prayer.  Turn to the Lord and ask Him now to open the eyes of your heart. Say this inwardly to yourself as it applies to you, Father, I come to You this day and invite Your Holy Spirit to come and reveal Your heart to me through Your Son Jesus. Forgive me for not embracing this gift more passionately. I renounce any times I tried to block Your revelations from coming to me by denying my ability to imagine and dream with You. I ask You now to teach me how to dream and imagine with You again that I might worship You more fully. In the name of the Father, Jesus Your Son and by the power of the Holy Spirit I pray, Amen

God will actually use our imaginations to speak to us and instruct us on things to come, as He did with David in Psalm 16:7. He will do this not just in our day dreams but also in the night as the Scriptures say, “For God speaks again and again, though people do not recognize it. He speaks in dreams, in visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in their beds. He whispers in their ears…” (Job 33:14-16, NLT). Heaven has its own dream language that we are invited to understand and there is much to be gained from the gift of discerning spirits that can keep us using our sacred imagination and not the vain imaginations of our soul, but for today, let us just know that God is inviting us to explore our own emotions, desires and experiences of life in such a way that we might turn our hearts over to learning how to worship Him more fully, both day and night.

I pray you receive God’s invitation to ascend boldly before His throne, worship Him, kiss His face, and begin this day to SEE Him revealing Heaven to you!


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