St. Benedict “Blessed” Gift Set (Bracelet)


Each of our St. Benedict “Blessed” gift sets arrive in a gift-able organza bag and includes a St. Benedict Holy Card, Blessed Salt, and Blessed Holy Water from Lourdes. A perfect gift to give away or keep for yourself!

The bracelet is also sold individually and is included, along with our St. Benedict key chain, in our Three Days of Darkness Travel Kit / Altar on-the-go. 🙏🏼 Remember, faith is the key ingredient for miracles. Jesus, we trust in you!


Note:  All items are “unblessed” until we take them to be blessed right before mailing.  This is done as a favor. 

The St. Benedict medal is a Christian sacramental medal containing symbols and text related to the life of St. Benedict of Nursia. The medal is one of the oldest and most honored medals and due to the belief in its power against evil is also known as the “devil-chasing medal”. The medal is used by Roman Catholics to ward off spiritual and physical dangers, especially those related to evil, poison, and temptation. Similarly, the use of other sacramentals, such as, holy water and blessed salt are commonly used in conjunction. For more information on the use of blessed salt and holy water, please see our article under our Three Days of Darkness | Travel Altar Kit.

This Gift Set includes:
*ST. BENEDICT BRACELET featuring the St. Benedict medal cross, St. Michael Medal and Our Lady of Grace’s Miraculous Medal
Weight .1875 lbs
Gift Set Choice

Bracelet, Key Chain


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