St. Joseph Oil Gift Set


A perfect gift set to give away or keep for yourself! Our holy oil sets are handcrafted and packaged with much compassion and fervent prayer for the lost and for the faithful souls who are open to heeding Heaven’s Call. Each gift set arrives in a gift-able organza bag and includes:

*10 ML ROLLER-BALL BOTTLE for easy application




Purchase them individually or as a set. They are also included in our Three Days of Darkness Travel Kit / Altar on-the-go. 🙏🏼 Remember, faith is the key ingredient for miracles. Jesus, we trust in you!


Note:  All items are “unblessed” until we take them to be blessed right before mailing.  This is done as a favor. 



*ST. JOSEPH TERROR OF DEMONS HOLY CARD by Fr. Calloway and the Fathers of Mercy

*ST. JOSEPH OIL (10 ML Roller-ball bottle)


MADE IN LIMITED BATCHES. Olive oil is used as the base oil, adding lily of the valley essential oil. The infusion is placed before the image of St. Joseph for seven days and the intercession of this great saint is invoked each day. During the 7 days, St. Joseph promised to dispense of his thanks and special blessings over the lily oil.


“Be careful to the wise advice of my beloved spouse, Mary; keep them in your heart, meditate upon them and live them. Keep the simplicity and purity of the heart to be true love sacrifices to the Divine Victim. I am no longer a part of your life. I was the only man on the earth in which God has been pleased. Give me your inner life and I will enrich it. I’ll give you a gift tonight, beloved children of my child Jesus: The Oil of Saint Joseph. The oil that will be a divine help for this end times, the oil that will serve you for your spiritual and physical health, the oil that will set you free and protect you from the snares of the enemy. I am the terror of the demons, and, therefore, today I put in your hands my blessed oil. Spread it, it will be useful for the whole humanity. You will receive rest in your spiritual, physical and moral sufferings.
This is my oil, beloved children, the oil of Saint Joseph.
I repeat. This will be a breastplate that will protect you against the evil spirits, it will protect you in your tests, it will encourage you in your path, it will heal your body, soul and spirit. I repeat, the Oil of Saint Joseph: 7 lilies in front of my image for 7 days, referring to my 7 sorrows and joys; beside this, the number 7 indicates perfection, and I will give you through the daily anointing with this oil: perfection and growth in your inner life.
When you feel depressed, anoint your chest and you will receive power and relief. When you suffer from the evil in your body, anoint. Anoint with the oil the sick part of your body and soul. Anoint with my oil the possesed; the demon will run from all the people attacked by the spirits of hell. Privileged? No? How heaven consents; how heaven gives you big treasures in your hands. The oil of Saint Joseph: healing balm, release balm, regenerator balm.”
Source: / from the book Remedios Dados por el cielo
Weight .125 lbs
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Divine Mercy Jesus, Immaculate Mary, Padre Pio


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