Guest Blog: Going From Glory To Glory In The Word Of God by Ivonne Sherman

When we first start out on the journey of faith, we are like a baby. We don’t know much and we have a very limited experience of God, if any at all. If we don’t choose to expand our faith, we stay the same and possibly even digress back into unbelief.

When we choose to grow, we may start out with a prayer book or a devotional that we read occasionally. Something we read or something we hear at church might stir our spirit and cause us to hunger for a little more. We then begin to read the devotional or prayer book more often, or daily. When this happens we’ve just entered another degree of glory.

The daily reading of our devotional sparks an interest in the bible. We begin looking up the suggested scriptures in our devotional. ~ Another degree of glory.

Our hunger for the Word of God increases and we join a Bible study. ~ Another degree of glory.

We find ourselves studying it like never before and cross referencing the scriptures. We hunger to increase our understanding. ~ Another degree of glory.

Revelation begins to open our spiritual eyes, and we find ourselves applying the scriptures to our everyday life. As we go about our day, we connect certain things that happen with certain scriptures. ~ Another degree of glory.

While revelation increases, our ears perk up to the voice of wisdom. We take up the scriptures and develop prayers out of them for ourselves and those we love. ~ Another degree of glory.

We find ourselves only interested in conversations about God’s Word and His faithfulness. Nothing else holds our attention for very long. ~ Another degree of glory.

The scriptures become our common everyday language. Our vocabulary becomes the Word of God. ~ Another degree of glory.

While the sequence above isn’t everyone’s experience, it is very close. You may find yourself in one area not having moved forward, or you may find yourself moving in and out of the steps. If you desire more, ask Holy Spirit for it. He will be happy to oblige.

Pray with me.
Holy Spirit I want the desire to read, study, pray and become God’s Word. Give me a hunger for it that will never be satiated. Amen

Becoming His Word,

Read, study and ponder:
1 Peter 2:2, Joshua 1:8, Romans 15:4, 2 Tim. 2:7, Matt. 24:25, Is. 40:8

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