Milestones and Altars

You will hear the Lord today when you go back to the place of your blessing…

“Then the Lord appeared…” Gen. 13:3

Abraham heard the voice of the Lord in Haran saying to “Go!” but it wasn’t until he went and arrived at the place he was sent to that the Lord “appeared” to him with a promise. “To your descendants I will give this land.” Abraham rightly set up an altar of stones to mark the place he was at, the place he was called to GO, the place of his birthing, but then he sojourned down to Egypt. Egypt is our waiting place. We sojourn there to avoid famine, like Abram and the Israelites, and to avoid death like Joesph, Mary and Jesus. It’s a spiritual holding ground to wait between our birthing place and the next move of God. But, eventually, we all must come out of our Egypt and return to the blessing place (Genesis 13:3). If we never leave our Egypt, we risk never entering into the fullness of God’s promises for us.

Grace requires MOVEMENT.

The Lord Jesus had to return to the place of his prophetic birth in order that everything else would be accomplished. In the same way, we must return to the place of our birthing, the place where we erected a mile stone in our faith, an alter that says, “this moment was holy. This place is where the Lord appeared to me.”

WHERE WAS THE LAST MILESTONE OF YOUR FAITH PLACED? The Lord is calling you to revisit it today and remember the promises he gave you.

COME OUT OF EGYPT and return to the place of your birth. There is refreshment there and a new blessing awaits you!

“Arise, walk through the length and the breadth of the land, for I will give it to you.” (Gen. 13:17)

As we walk out God’s promises, we will erect new milestones, new alters declaring our faith, until the land is covered with the blessings of God! REMEMBER YOUR MILESTONES. They are proof the Lord has walked with you there. 💙💛❤️

Let us know your thoughts? Were we right on or do we need more coffee?