Shifting Atmospheres

You were not born by mere chance

Hereafter, you shall be as though you always were;

Because the breath in your nostrils is God-breathed and eternal,

And Wisdom is the spark kindled by the Spirit.

When it is fanned into flame,

The body will become immortal

And the spirit will manifest like the wind!

The ways of God are foolish to the unwise. We prefer cynicism to optimism. We choose despair over hope. But this is not the way of our Heavenly King.

God desires for us to know our power and to use it to transform the world we live in.

Just as lightening appears on the horizon lines of storms, between the edge of the black rains and the blue skies, we are called to descend along the edge of darkness and light and supercharge the atmosphere.

When Lightning appears, it literally charges the molecules in that place causing them to shift from their current state into the opposite state.

When you walk into a room, you are that Lightening that descends, causing the atmosphere to shift from dismay to joy!

When you made Jesus Lord of your life, you became En-Lightened with the quickening power of the Holy Spirit. Use it this day to shift the atmosphere surrounding you. You have the power. Let it descend!

Read Wisdom 2:1-3 then go back and read the words written above. Do you see? You have the power to see what needs to be shifted. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you how to move in the opposite spirit. Practice shifting an atmosphere today and journal how it felt. What could God be showing you about where you are and what He wants to do there, in your workplace, at your school, on the highway, at the check out counter.

Jesus sent the disciples out two by two to dispense an atmosphere of peace. How are you bringing peace into the places you walk through?

Peace and Love, Until the Morning Star rises in our hearts,

❤️ Kim

Let us know your thoughts? Were we right on or do we need more coffee?